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Welcome to the LIS community!

The Land Information System (LIS) Kumar et al (2006), Peters-Lidard et al. (2007) is a land surface modeling and data assimilation system developed at NASA GSFC that integrates the use of land surface models, high resolution satellite and observational data, data assimilation techniques and high performance computing tools. LIS operates primarily on an ensemble of land surface models over user-specified regional and global domains. The LIS software is designed using object oriented design principles so that a variety of typical land modeling and assimilation functions are abstracted to function in an interoperable manner. A key new functionality in LIS is the support for sequential data assimilation extensions, enabling the interoperable use of multiple observational sources, land surface models, and data assimilation algorithms (Kumar et al. 2008).


Please acknowledge the use of LIS in your publications using the following LIS-related references:


Kumar, S. V., C. D. Peters-Lidard, Y. Tian, P. R. Houser, J. Geiger, S. Olden, L. Lighty, J. L. Eastman, B. Doty, P. Dirmeyer, J. Adams, K. Mitchell, E. F. Wood and J. Sheffield, 2006. Land Information System - An Interoperable Framework for High Resolution Land Surface Modeling. Environmental Modelling & Software, Vol. 21, 1402-1415.


Peters-Lidard, C. D., P. R. Houser, Y. Tian, S. V. Kumar, J. Geiger, S. Olden, L. Lighty, B. Doty, P. Dirmeyer, J. Adams, K. Mitchell, E. F. Wood and J. Sheffield, 2007. High-performance Earth system modeling with NASA/GSFC's Land Information System. Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering . Vol. 3(3), 157-165.


Kumar, S.V. , C. Peters-Lidard, Y. Tian, R. Reichle, J. Geiger, C. Alonge, J. Eylander, and P. Houser (2008), An integrated hydrologic modeling and data assimilation framework, IEEE Computer, 41, 52-59, doi:10.1109/MC.2008.511


Kumar, S.V., R.H. Reichle, C. D. Peters-Lidard, R. D. Koster, X. Zhan, W. T. Crow, J. B. Eylander, and P. R. Houser (2008) A Land Surface Data Assimilation Framework using the Land Information System: Description and Applications, Advances in Water Resources, 31, 1419-1432, doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2008.01.013.

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