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"Charney Patch 3" was released on 23 May 2019. Changes include:

  • Includes WRF-NoahMP.3.6 coupling, as well as some testcases.
  • Includes new physics parameterizations:
    • NTU (National Taiwan University) microphysics

        A multi-moment four-ice (pristine ice, aggregate, graupel, and hail)

        bulk microphysical scheme

    • WRF NSSL electrification scheme

        This scheme requires environment variable WRF_ELEC=1. This can be set

        in the build configuration files

  • Includes testcases for the above.
  • DOE CRM: utilizes WRF as a CRM/LES using doubly periodic lateral boundaries.
  • Upgraded Intel compiler version to 18.x, consistent with LISF.
  • Updated build system.
  • Updated NU-WRF User Guide.
  • Updated tutorial documentation and testcases.
  • NEVS: Updated documentation and organization for ease of use.


Tar files are available to NCCS and NAS s0942 group members.

On NCCS Discover:

/discover/nobackup/projects/nu-wrf/releases/stable/nu-wrf_v9p3-wrf391-lis72.tar. bz2

And on NAS Pleiades:


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