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GEOS-5 GCM revision history

VERSION 15  Click to view document history
Created on: Mar 10, 2008 9:30 PM by Carlos Cruz - Last Modified:  Nov 28, 2012 10:03 AM by Carlos Cruz

NOTE: This is a file maintained by the GMAO model development group. It is the same file (minus some characters not reproducible for publication in this website) included in the code distributions (for more information see ChangeLog under GEOSgcm/src/Applications/GEOSgcm_App).




NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Global Modeling and Assimilation Office


GEOS-5 Model Development




IMPORTANT: This file can only be updated by the Model Development Group.


18May2010, Takacs, CVS Tag: Fortuna-2_1_p1  (non-zero diff to Fortuna-2_1 when running PCHEM
                    Module: Fortuna          due to recalculation of MAPL grid for DLAT/DLON consistency)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
1) Fixed initialization of IMPORTs when defaults are specified.  In particular, GOCART's
   initialization (in Fortuna-2_1) with MAPL_UNDEF defaults created errors for FRLAKE,
   causing LWI to have no land points for GOCART.
2) The time_ave.F program was updated with a optional input parameters:  begdate, begtime, enddate, endtime

   to further control the time-averaging period within a file.
3) Updates to gcm_setup and quickplot utilities.
4) Updates to MOIST diagnostics.
5) Modified MAPL grid calculation (real*8) to create DLAT/DLON consistency in output files.
6) Updates to GMIchem_GridComp
7) Fixed bug in the grads control file when writing flat-binary output (eg., for SCM).
   This bug was introduced in Fortuna-2_1.
8) Fixed bug PRINTSPEC (introduced in Fortuna-2_1).
9) Updates to Single Column Model.

   Using "cvscmp" utility, the changes from Fortuna-2_1 include:
|   Newest    |
|-------------|                     File Name
| Here | Tag  |
|  x   |  -   | `GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/formulas/'
|  x   |  -   | `GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/grads_util/'

|  x   |  -   | `GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quad/VERIFICATION.ERA40.rc'

|  x   |  -   | `GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quad/VERIFICATION.MERRA.rc'
|  x   |  -   | `GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/zcmp1/VERIFICATION.ERA40.rc'
|  x   |      | Applications/GEOSgcm_App/AGCM.rc.tmpl
|  x   |      | Applications/GEOSgcm_App/ChangeLog
|  x   |      | Applications/GEOSgcm_App/gcm_run.j.tmpl
|  x   |      | Applications/GEOSgcm_App/gcm_setup
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOS_AgcmGridComp.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GMIchem_GridComp/GMIchem_GridCompMod.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GMIchem_GridComp/GMI_GridComp/
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GMIchem_GridComp/GMI_GridComp/
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GMIchem_GridComp/GMI_GridComp/
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GMIchem_GridComp/GMI_GridComp/
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GMIchem_GridComp/GMI_GridComp/
                 GmiSpeciesConcentration/spcConcentrationMethod/GmiSpcConcentrationMethod_mod.F9 0
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSch em_GridComp/GOCART_GridComp/GOCART_GridCompMod.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSmo ist_GridComp/GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSmo ist_GridComp/cloudnew.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSmo ist_GridComp/ras.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsu rface_GridComp/GEOS_SurfaceGridComp.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsu rface_GridComp/GEOSland_GridComp/GEOS_LandGridComp.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/ARIES g3_GridComp/ARIESg3_GridCompMod.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdyc oreCubed_GridComp/DynCore_GridCompMod.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdyc ore_GridComp/FVdycore_GridCompMod.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/GEOSd atmodyn_GridComp/GEOS_DatmoDynGridComp.F90
|  x   |      | GEOSgcs_GridComp/GEOSgcm_GridComp/GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/GEOSd atmodyn_GridComp/reader.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/configure
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/landscape.script
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/portrait.script
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quickplot
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/grads_util/
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/grads_util/
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/grads_util/grepfile
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/grads_util/plot.rc
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/hcmp/VERIFICATION.ERA40.rc

|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quad/hplot
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quad/lplot
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quad/zplot
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/quad/zquad
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/zcmp/VERIFICATION.ERA40.rc
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/post/flat2hdf.F
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/post/gcmpost.script
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/post/time_ave.F
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/MAPL_Base.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/MAPL_CFIO.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/MAPL_Cap.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/MAPL_Generic.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/MAPL_HistoryGridComp.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/MAPL_LocStreamMod.F90
|  x   |      | GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base/hinterp.F


Restart Changes: none


30Apr2010, Takacs, CVS Tag: Fortuna-2_1  (non-zero diff to Fortuna-2_0)
                    Module: Fortuna
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 
1) Fix updating of Analysis Increment of Ozone.  Previous versions (including MERRA)
   incorrectly assumed Analysis Increment was in mass-mixing-ratio.  However, the  
   Analysis provides increments of Ozone in volume-mixing-ratio.  (Non-Zero Diff within DAS)  
2) Fix Intermittent REPLAY of Ozone in FVDYCORE (same problem as above).  (Non-Zero Diff within Intermittent REPLAY)
3) Fix bug in PCHEM for Ozone updates across year boundary.  (Non-Zero Diff when crossing year boundary)
4) Modified FVDycore to produce consistent Energy Budget Diagnostics.  In previous versions,
   some energy budget diagnostics would be incorrectly calculated if the complete collection
   of energy terms was not turned on in the HISTORY.rc. The updated code prevents this from

   happening.  You must either ask for the complete set of energy diagnostics, or turn off
   selected terms.  The running code informs you of your options.  (Zero Diff)
5) Fix driver for hinterp.F utility to eliminate round-off errors when interpolating two quantities of the same resolution.
6) Updates to gcm_setup for running model simulations.  Current version now uses AGCM.rc and CAP.rc from the Applications directory.
7) Experiment run directory now used resource files with .rc extenstion.
8) Updates to plots and post.
9) Migration to ESMF version 4_0_0rp1 (Zero Diffs). This has fairly minimal impact on the syntax of the gridded components.
   One notable ESMF change that affects parent components with multi-phase run method of their children, is the PHASE numbering now starts at 1
10) MAPL now uses 2-d ESMF grids for efficiency reasons, improving the performance of ESMF_StateReconcile, ESMF_RedistStore and ESMF_Redist (Zero Diffs)
11) Fixed bug to improve termination upon errors (Zero Diffs)
12) Add option to use mid-layer exports for HISTORY Output vertical interpolation (eg., TH surfaces).
13) Incorporated new versions of Aerosol Optic Bands from Arlindo (non-zero diffs).
14) Created Fortuna-2_1 boundary datasets which include an updated topography over Greenland, and new lai_green, nirdf, and visdf datasets.
    New Shared and clsm directories for creating new tile files and regridding restarts.
15) Migration to new module environment.
       On Discover:   1) comp/intel-11.0.083   2) other/mpi/mvapich2-1.4.1/intel-11.0.083
16) Implement new Gravity Wave Drag Parameterization.  This scheme is capable of producing a QBO.


Restart Changes: Fortuna-2_1 can use Fortuna-2_0 restarts provided the Fortuna-2_0 boundary datasets are also used.
                 The preferred mode, however, is to use Fortuna-2_1 boundary datasets together with re-gridded land restarts.
                 (See item 14)





30Oct2009, Takacs, CVS Tag: Fortuna-2_0  (non-zero diff to Fortuna-1_4)
                    Module: Fortuna
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
1) Includes options to run one of 4 Dynamical Cores:
       1) FV (lat-lon)
       2) FV (cubed sphere)
       3) ARIES (lat-lon)
       4) DATMO (data model for single column physics)
2) Fix to produce consistency between MAPL_CFIO and MAPL_CAP grids (for HDF meta-data).
3) Changes in Physics:
   a) Moist - Prog Cloud : Increase rain re-evap, change behavior of autoconversion and radiative forcing
   b) Moist - RAS: Stochastic Tokioka trigger, controlling parameter set as function of horizontal resolution
   c) Turb:  Incorporate response to wind shear in Lock/Louis mix, new Louis turb length scale
   d) Surface - Change default to Monin-Obukhov surface layer
   e) Catch  - Minor changes is default data statement values.
4) Changes in CHEM:
   Connect GOCART BC, DU, OC, SS, and SU to GMICHEM, and GMICHEM oxidants

5) Changes in CHEM:
   NO3, OH, and H2O2 to SU in GOCART. Specification of ANALYSIS_OX_PROVIDER
   in AGCM.tmpl to satisfy ASSERT(NumFriendly == 2) in AgcmGridComp. Target
   RATs connectivities in PhysicsGridComp to RATS_PROVIDER.  Create only
   those chemistry children that are requested by the Chem_Registry.rc.
   STRATCHEM updated to JPL2006.
6) REPLAY Changes:
   Regular      Replay now requires A-GRID input files (A-Grid versions of ANA.ETA and BKG.ETA).
   Intermittent Replay may use A-GRID or D-GRID  files.
   A conversion utility has been created (convert_eta.x) which will convert MERRA-Style ANA.ETA and BKG.ETA files
   to an A-Grid structure.
7) AGCM.rc Changes.  You must use the AGCM.rc.tmpl that comes with the tag!
8) Boundary Condition Changes.  Fortuna-2_0 is meant to be used with new Land Surface Tile Files.
   A mk_Restarts utility is provided to convert old Land Surface files to the newer versions.
9) Modifications to the gcm_setup script.


Restart Changes: yes


   VEGDYN_INTERNAL_RESTART_FILE:  No longer a restart file that is carried from run to run.
   This file simply points to a boundary condition dataset:
   Checkpoints are no longer needed.



05May2009, Takacs, CVS Tag: Fortuna-1_4           (non-zero diff to Fortuna-1_3)

                    Module: Fortuna


1) Includes files to perform offline CATCH (etc.) resolution interpolations

2) Updates to include Monin-Obukhov surface layer option

3) Updates to time_ave.F to attach input file extention to output files

4) Updates to land surface routines to provide NCEP ITY for FDDA

5) Updates to QuickPlot for efficiency

6) Updates to MAPL_BASE and MAPL_CFIO to write output collections in parallel


   !! Note: Non-zero diff to RESTARTS and Model Output due to use of HorzTransform

            (rather than hinterp) for interpolation


7) Implement parallel RESTARTs (read and write for horiz lat/lon gridded format)

8) Updates to GNUmakefiles required by JAGUAR at ORNL

9) Updates to makeiau.F for FDDA Analysis (Backwards Compatible)

10) Fix EXACT replay error (in previous tags) by terminating PHYSICS TURB and MOIST bundles from


11) Fix problem for case when CAP.rc:BEG_DATE = cap_restart date.


Restart Changes: none



Restart Changes: none



13Feb2009, Takacs, CVS Tag: Fortuna-1_3     (zero diff to GEOSagcm_m3-Fortuna_1_2)

                    Module: Fortuna


1) Updates to MAPL_Base using ESMF v3.1.0rp2

2) Updates to Radiation and Moist for Aerosol Diagnostics (from Pete Colarco)

3) Updates to Timers in various places

4) Updates to top level GCM and AGCM Gridded Components for Bundle Connectivity

5) Updates for Parallel HISTORY Regridding and Shaving

6) Updates to include Exports required for FDDA Analysis


Restart Changes: none



27Jan2009, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm_m3-Fortuna_1_2 (non-zero diff to GEOSagcm_m3-Fortuna_1_1 using GOCART)


1) Updates to GMAO_Shared/Chem_Shared/Chem_SettlingMod.F90

2) Updates to GOCART RC Files

3) Updates to LockEntrain.F90 (for efficiency, zero-diff)

4) Modified GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/plots/configure to use gradsnc4 (for HDF5 Files)


Restart Changes: none



22Jan2009, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm_m3-Fortuna_1_1 (non-zero diff to GEOSagcm_m3-Fortuna_1_0)


1) Updates to begin merge with FV Cubed Sphere (changes in MAPL_Base, Solar, and PChem)

   PChem changes are non-zero diff due to truncation error using new interpolation scheme.

2) Updates to GEOS_RadiationGridComp.F90 to reduce complexity of multiple grid definitions.

3) Updates to MAPL_Constants, catch_constants, getcdh.code and catchment.F90

   These updates attempt to reduce extreme cold temperatures over snow during clear-sky night-time conditions.

   Also, Latent Heat of Fusion constants have been updated to more accurate values.

4) Minor change in FVdycore_GridCompMod.F90 for standard_output purposes.


Restart Changes: none



07Jan2009, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm_m3-Fortuna_1_0 (non-zero diff to GEOSagcm-Eros_7_25)


1) Restructured Surface Layer Implementation, involving:








   and the new routine:

                surfacelayer.F90 in GEOS_Shared

2) Updates to plots and post utilities.

3) Updates to gcm_setup utilities.

4) Updates to g5_modules, baselibs, mpi, and compiler.

5) Updates to ESMF Libraries (uses ESMF-3.1).

6) Updates to use  NetCDF4   (HDF5)

7) Updates to LocStream to use Binary Tile Dataset.


Restart Changes: YES:

          surface_import_restart (must be cold-started)

        saltwater_import_restart (must be cold-started)



02Dec2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_25 (non-zero diff to GEOSagcm-MERRA_p1)


1) Implement Interactive GOCART Aerosols.  Significant updates to Chemistry GridComp.

2) Updates to Physics (eliminate separate PCHEM and AEROCHEM calls, now single Chemistry Driver).

3) Updates to g5_modules, baselibs, mpi, and compiler.

4) Updates to plots and post utilities.

5) Updates to gcm_setup utilities.





08Dec2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-MERRA_p2 (zero diff to GEOSagcm Tags: MERRA (aka GEOSagcm-Eros_7_24) and GEOSagcm-MERRA_p1)


1) Fixed SPSNOW (Spurious Snow) diagnostic within Land_GridComp.F90.


Restart Changes: none



06Nov2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-MERRA_p1 (zero diff to GEOSagcm Tag: MERRA (aka GEOSagcm-Eros_7_24))



1) Added Exports in GEOS_SaltWaterGridComp.F90 and GEOS_SurfaceGridComp.F90 for diagnostics over Ocean and SeaIce.

2) Updates to HISTORY_MERRA_CFIO.rc.tmpl for new Ocean Output Stream.

3) Updates to g5_modules to use basedir=/usr/local/other_old/baselibs/v2_2rp2_213_9.1.042meta_new to avoid HDF bug.

4) Updates to plots and post utilities.

5) Updates to gcm_setup utilities.


Restart Changes: none


28Apr2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_24 (non-zero diff to GEOSagcm-Eros_7_23. This tag will be used for MERRA.)



1) Fix bug in PCHEM for time-interpolation of climatology aerosols.                          (non-zero diff)

2) Fix energy budget in catchment.F90 in addition to small mod in CATDEF calculation.        (non-zero diff)

3) Fix energy budget in MOIST (Update TH with RH_CLEANUP heating).                           (non-zero diff)

4) Fix TH => T conversion in PHYSICS (from MOIST) using consistent P**KAPPA calc with MOIST. (non-zero diff)

5) Modified heating from GWD to use (u+0.5du)*du for Budget consistency.                     (non-zero diff)

6) Implement new diagnostics in AGCM and FVCORE for MERRA Budgets.

7) Implement REPLAY "Exact"   option to replay from AGCM_IMPORT     files.

8) Implement REPLAY "Regular" option to replay from ANA.ETA-BKG.ETA files.

9) Updates to AGM.rc and CAP.rc files.

10) Removed need for fvcore_layout.rc (get info from AGCM.rc)


Restart Changes: none



13Mar2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_23 (zero-diff to GEOSagcm-Eros_7_22, MERRA)



1) Implement connectivity in PHYSICS (needed by ARCTAS/Aerosols).

2) Implement REPLAY option in FVCORE for Dump_&_Splash mode.

3) Updates to plots and post utilities.

4) Updates to AGM.rc for REPLAY option.


Note: This version is zero-diff with GEOSagcm-Eros_7_22 when no Aerosols are used.

      This tag was pushed on March 18, 2008 to update (zero-diff with no Aerosols):


Restart Changes: none



05Mar2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_22



1) Implement D-Grid Definition for KE-Budgets and Conservation.  This creates non-zero differences

   compared with the previous A-Grid definition.

2) Implement changes in FVCORE routines to compute KE Budgets (zero-diff).

3) Protect DQIDT and DQLDT from underflows (hopefully).

4) Changed Diagnostic GST=SQRT(GSTUCN) to GST=sqrt(max(GSTUCN,0.0)) in SALT.

5) Corrected Pressure Level Interpolation in MAPL_CFIO (was performing linear in P rather than linear in Log(P)).

6) Modified PHYSICS GRID_COMP (adding a borrowed export O3PPMV from PCHEM) for RePlay (atanas).  Zero-Diff

7) Updates to plots and post utilities.

8) Updates to MERRA HISTORY RC Files.


Restart Changes: none  (non-zero diff vs GEOSagcm-Eros_7_21)


01Feb2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_21


1) Implement new diagnostic calculations for OMEGA, KEGEN, and CONVCPT.

2) Implement reasonable V_DGRID pole values based on V_AGRID.  The pole values of V_DGRID are

not predicted within the FVCore, thus these are purely diagnostic.  However, they are

now reproducible across processor configurations and can now be used by utilities outside

the model.

3) Protect EKM and EKH from going negative in LockEntrain.F90 within the Turbulence.


Restart Changes: none  (zero-diff vs GEOSagcm-Eros_7_20)


24Jan2008, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_20




1) Changes to Fortran Code include:





../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/FVdycore_GridCompMo d.F90

../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/FVdycore_wrapper.F9 0




../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsurface_GridComp/GEOSlandice_GridC omp/GEOS_LandIceGridComp.F90

../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsurface_GridComp/GEOSsaltwater_Gri dComp/GEOS_SaltWaterGridComp.F90

../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsurface_GridComp/GEOS_SurfaceGridC omp.F90

../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsurface_GridComp/GEOSland_GridComp /GEOScatch_GridComp/catchment.F90




../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSmoist_GridComp/GEOS_MoistGridComp. F90


../GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSsurface_GridComp/GEOSland_GridComp /GEOScatch_GridComp/GEOS_CatchGridComp.F90


2) Fixed bug in cloudnew.F90 related to wind-shear pdf

3) Changed Maximum RADQL & RADQI to 1 g/kg (rather than 40 g/kg)

4) Added rain from RH_CLEANUP to various budget diagnostics in MOIST

5) Moved updating of FR in GEOS_CatchGridComp.F90 to AFTER DTS and DQS are computed.  This provided

consistency with Randy's calculations and prevented excessively large DTS and DQS values.

6) Fixed budgets computed in catchment.f90

7) Fixed FRACI diagnostic to be correctly outputted on first timestep

8) Added negative protection of Q2M and Q10M

9) Made updates to MERRA FileSpec:


Changed QIIT and QLIT to QILSIT and QLLSIT

Changed U10N and V10N in products to be U10M and V10M (to provide cleaner pole values)

Kept    U10N and V10N in BKG File (to provide zero-diff)

10) Implemented KEADV, KEPG, and KEDP diagnosics in FVDYCORE

11) Updates to plots and post utilities.


Restart Changes: none


19Dec2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_19




1) Fix to MAPL_HistoryGridComp.F90 to correct logic for end_date and end_time

2) Fix to MAPL_HorzTransform.F90 to correct linear interpolation to higher resolution

3) Changed LANDICEALBEDO to 0.775 (from 0.8)

4) Fixed bug in MOIST to pressure weight DTDTFRIC

5) Changed ADD_INCS to adjust THETA with both DELT and DELP increments

6) Modified PHYSICS to set zero fluxes at surface for Turbulence Diffusion of QI and QL tracers

7) Implemented TROPP_THERMAL, TROPP_EPV, and TROPP_BLENDED options for Tropopause Pressure.

8) Mass-Weighted Tv Variable for Omega*Alpha Calculation.

9) Changed CO2 Value in AGCM.rc to be negative (thereby using historical CO2 record)

10) Changed opticsBands_DU dataset in AGCM.rc back to original version (rather than .V2 version)

11) Updates to plots and post utilities.


Restart Changes: none


14Nov2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_18




1) Fix to MAPL_GenericCplComp.F90 to correct time-averaged diagnostics.

2) Fix to GEOS_SolarGridComp.F90 and sorad.F to correct ALBEDO and SLRSFC calculations.

3) Updates in cloudnew.F90

a)Thicker cold low-level clouds

b)RH lower limits in re-evaporation

4) Relative humidity trigger ramp changed in ras.F90 to \[0.5,0.65\] from \[.6,.8\] (in 7_17)

5) Updates in GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90 for different TPERT over land and ocean. Defaults to

2K over ocean, 4K over land. Controllable through .rc file

6) Updates from Randy in catchment.F90 for diagnostics and F90 structure.

7) Updates in GEOS_PhysicsGridComp.F90 to enable forgotten diagnostics.

8) Updates in GEOS_AgcmGridComp.F90 and FVdycore_GridCompMod.F90 to more accurately compute

budget diagnostics of analysis tendencies.

9) Updates in GEOS_AgcmGridComp.F90 to perform final negative SPHU and OX check and to

compute TPW (Note: TO3 is still computed in CHEMISTRY).

10)Updates to plots and post utilities.


Restart Changes: none


22Oct2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p17




1) Add more MERRA diagnostics

2) Implemented Julio's DAS Tag gAdas-1_5beta10p19 changes

3) Updates from Randy in catchment.F90 for negative runoff

4) Implemented GWD Heating Correction based on energy conversion from waves (rather than mean flow)

5) Added LANDICE and SEAICE skin temperature changes to allow for diurnal cycle

6) Moved CLDTMP and CLDPRS to SOLAR (to eliminate undefined values at startup)

7) Close GFIO files immediately after WRITE when frequency == duration

8) Modifications to KE Budget (KEDYN, KEPHY, KEANA all computed from DYN).

9) Updates to Quickplot


Restart Changes: none


28Sep2007, Trayanov/Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p13-mapl




0) Produces zero-diff with GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p13

1) Replace GEOS Library with MAPL Library everywhere.

2) Implement new HISTORY format using Collections.


Restart Changes:


2) FVCORE keywords changed to DYN:

DYN_INTERNAL_RESTART_FILE:              fvcore_internal_restart

DYN_INTERNAL_CHECKPOINT_FILE:           fvcore_internal_checkpoint

DYN_INTERNAL_HEADER:                    1

DYN_LAYOUT_FILE:                        fvcore_layout.rc


28Sep2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p13




1) Call ADD_INCS with IAU first within FVCORE, then call ADD_INCS with PHYSICS Increments using RUN2.

2) Replace Moist ADD_INCS with Dry ADD_INCS (for now).

3) Move GWD from SuperDynamics to Physics. This allows for a more accurate energy budget diagnostic

due to simplified partitioning in Physics.

4) Includes updates to catchment.F90: Increased capacity of canopy interception reservoir by a factor of 5.

Added line reducing strength of interception loss when FCAN

(the fraction of the canopy interception reservoir filled with water) is less than 0.1

5) Includes updates in MOIST (GridComp, RAS, CloudNew) for modified cloud optical properties and KE Dissipative Heating.

6) Includes new formulation for OMEGA within FVCORE.

7) Replaces syntax for GetAttribute SOLAR_DT and SOLARAvrg to be consistent with IRRAD syntax.

8) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots and GEOS_Util/post utilities.

9) Modifications for MERRA diagnostics.


Restart Changes: None


07Aug2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p12


x) Change ADD_INCS to update Virtual Temperature adjustments from Physics and Analysis.

This corrects a systematic error in adjustment updates.

1) Small modifications to ensure no negative Q or RH from MOIST.

2) Zero-diff update to FV sw_core and cd_core for refactorying and ProTEx.

3) Updated GOCART routines to tag:  gAdas-1_5beta10p15.

4) Update m_GFIO_GetFld.f (tag: gAdas-1_5beta10p15) to handle double precision lon value.

5) Round-off differences in PCHEM to simplify and create required diagnostics.

6) Modifications for CFIO_GRADS write utilities.

7) Modifications for MERRA diagnostics.

8) Implement makexp utility under Applications to create run.script and regress.script for GCM model runs.


Restart Changes: None


02Jul2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p11


1) The reproducibility error (wrt Processor configuration) in FV is fixed.

The error was due to an incomplete ghosting after a polar FFT update.

2) CFIO can now output flat GRADS files using the HISTORY.rc attribute list%format: "GRADS"

3) Several MERRA diagnostics have been corrected.


Restart Changes: None


21Jun2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p10


This tag is based on GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p9, and includes updates from J.Bacmeister which contain:


1) KH/Land Tuning for Lock surface turbulence different over ocean and land - higher over land.

2) RAS/topo RAS time scale shorter when surface pressure below 900 hPa

3) CRF/stratus Effective radius for low warm clouds restored to 15 um


Fortran Physics changes:  GEOS_PhysicsGridComp.F90, GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90, cloudnew.F90,

GEOS_TurbulenceGridComp.F90, LockEntrain.F90


Restart Changes: None


20Jun2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p9




This tag includes:


1) New FV Polar Filter to remove stratospheric jet pole problem during N.Hemisphere Winter.

Note: Current version does not pass reproducibility test for different Processor combinations !!

Differences look like round-off.  Needs more investigation.

2) New calculation of Diagnostic OMEGA which is more energetically consistent with d(KE)/dt and d(CpT)/dt calculations.

3) Put an upper limit (2) on the Richardson Number Ri.

4) Changed Default REF_TIME to be the BEG_TIME from the CLOCK (rather than 0z).

5) Zero-Diff changes to fix memory leaks.

6) Modified Solar, Surface, Catch, Salt, and Physics to fix inconsistency in solar fluxes.

Note: Current version may produce small inconsistencies of Net_SW_at_Ground between SOLAR and SURFACE.

7) Changed SNOMAS export from Surface to mm (from meters).

8) Fixed mass conservation for tracers within RAS.

9) Updates to MERRA HISTORY.rc file.

10) Updates to GEOS_Util/post

11) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots


Restart Changes:




20Apr2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p8




This tag includes:


1) Fixed MAJOR bug in irrad.f introduced in previous tag (GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p7).

2) Updates to Arlindo daSilva's latest Aerosol code.

3) Updates to MOIST for Arlindo daSilva's aerosol scavenging. (Default, no scavenging, zero-diffs).

4) Computed U10N and V10N which better represents 10-meter winds assuming neutral stability.

5) Implemented vertical interpolation to pressure for output files.

6) Fixed bug in vertical interpolation within FV (for U50M and V50M).

7) Updates to FV on the HEAD.  The FILL parameter is set to FALSE.  The Polar Filter has been

switched to use an FFT everywhere (rather than an Algebraic version farther away from poles).

8) Updated to Ricardo Todling's TURBULENCE tag (GEOSpert-gAdrt-b11p1-2spmd) for Adjoint diagnostics,

with minor (zero-diff) changes for efficiency.

9) The topography datasets have been modified by multiplicative factors to adjust the global mean

value to 231.5m (which is the mean of GTOPO30).  This should remove most of the difference

between our dry mass and EC's.

10) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots

11) Updates to MOIST CRF parameters (MAX_RI, MIN_RL) in cloudnew.F90, and MOIST_RASPBL algorithm using

30 minutes to 12 hours timescales.


06Apr2007, Takacs/Suarez, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p7






Intended for fairly clean test of new aks and bks. Includes

diagnostic fixes and additions. Aside from the new levels, it has a new LWI

definition and slightly modified limits on ocean Reynolds numbers.

Post p6 changes in the moist physics, which have been in testing

in DAS mode (e.g., crf runs) have not been included.


This tag includes:


1) Computed DelDot( V DelP ) using 2nd-Order with Vbar and DelPbar in Windfix.

2) Switched from FFT DtoA to Simple Average in Makeiau.

3) Added protection for LOG(DZ...) in Catchment for thinner levels.

4) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots

5) Corrected out of bounds in logical in FV: mapz (no effect on calculation)

6) FVwrapper (diagnostics only)

Added energetics diagnostics, including KE, etc tracers

Disabled v dot del in omega calc

7) FVdycore_GridComp

Zero diff code restructuring (first pass at MAPLizing)

Added budget and flux diagnostics

Added single level diagnostics

added u50 and v50

8) Corrected catchment.F90 uninitialized variable HSNACC (diagnostic only)

9) Added land budget diagnostics


10) Fixed out-of-bounds array in irrad.f

11) Modified HISTORY.rc to get U50M, V50M from Dynamics Component

12) Changes LWI definition:


ice=water & (frice>0.5 or T<-1.7)

13) Changed SNOMAS over glacier---now fixed at 4 m in landice.

14) put limits on Re (1000,0.4 -> 50,0.1) in over salt water.

15) added seaice fraction diagnostic to surface (FRACI).

added reynolds number diagnostic to surface (RE).


31Jan2007, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p6




This tag includes:


1) Updates to FV on the HEAD for 1x1 reproducibility

2) Updates to Randy's catchment for diffusivities

3) Corrected ALBEDO bcs (Version V5)

4) Updated LandIce Albedo (0.75)

5) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots

6) Updates to scripts and resource files under Application to include Aerosols


06Dec2006, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p5


This tag includes:


1) Updates to FV on the HEAD

2) Fixed diagnostics and budgets

3) Updates to Julio's Physics (cloudnew, lock, saltwater)

4) Randy's catchment fix to heat capacity plus bug fix to hcorr

5) Modified AGCM grid component to check for negative Friendlies

6) Updates to scripts and resource files under Application


31Oct2006, Trayanov, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p4




This tag includes:


1) Updates to FV on the HEAD

2) Fixed diagnostics and budgets

3) Updates to Arlindo's AEROCHEM

4) A modified AGCM grid component which allows IAU w/Memory

5) Updates to MAPL

6) Updates to scripts and resource files under Application


25Sep2006, Trayanov, Takacs, CVS Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p3




This tag includes:


1) A modified AGCM grid component which simplifies the IAU coding.

2) A fix to the ADD_INCS subroutine which corrects diagnostic budgets.

3) Updates to Julio's physics which goes back to an older, simpler version.

4) Updates to Arlindo's AEROCHEM

5) Updates to used MAPL

6) Updates to use NATIVE (rather than BIG_ENDIAN) for RESTARTS and BCS.

7) Updates to scripts and resource files under Application


The BASELINE for the new TAG incorporated the DAS Tag:  gAdas-1_5beta10p1


The BIG_ENDIAN to NATIVE (little_endian) conversion has been tested to give zero diffs.


A conversion utility is included in:  GEOS_Util

which can be used to convert existing RESTARTS.  The conversion utility is called:  swapendian

The utility uses two programs, 1) swapendian_RST.f90, and 2) swapendian_FV.f90,

Both programs are also included in GEOS_Util.


All boundary datasets that existed in my:  /share/ltakacs/geos5/bcs/V3 directory have been converted to little_endian.

The new boundary datasets are located in:  /share/ltakacs/geos5/bcs/V4


The SST boundary conditions which existed in:  /share/ltakacs/geos5/bcs/SST

have also been converted and exist in:  /share/ltakacs/geos5/bcs/V4/SST



1) SST little_endian boundary datasets listed above are static.  OPS needs to promote future updates to the SST files to be little_endian.


28Apr2005, Trayanov, Takacs, CVS Tag: cerebus




Summary of Changes between Boreas and Cerebus versions


  • Using the NCAR CAM version of Pilgrim

  • added more diagnostics

  • corrected instability problem in cachment.f

  • corrected negative optical thickness problem (Moist)

  • radiation component could run now on a different schedule

  • added ability to produce CFIO output on a different resolution

  • added optional list of selected ouput levels for CFO files

  • added Parametrized Chemistry Gridded Comp

  • improved timing for DataOcean

  • added ability to write BKG.eta and BKG.sfc for the analysis

  • several bug fixes


pre_Eros changes:


  • added thin "saltwater" relaxation layer

  • several bug fixed in SOLAR

  • new version of PCHEM: seven species, including stratospheric water

  • new scheme for QSAT

  • latest version of FVdycore (same as NCAR)



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