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GEOS-5 DAS revision history

Created on: May 22, 2008 11:14 AM by Carlos Cruz - Last Modified:  Jun 25, 2008 7:55 AM by Carlos Cruz

NOTE: This is a file maintained by the GMAO fvDAS Integration Group. It is the same file (minus some characters not reproducible for publication in this website) included in the code distributions (for more information see ChangeLog under GEOSgcm/src/Applications/GEOSdas_App).




             NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

                Global Modeling and Assimilation Office


          Finite-volume Data Assimilation System


                  REVISION HISTORY


IMPORTANT: This file can only be updated by the fvDAS Integration Group.




CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_1_4

CVS Module: GEOSadas


25Mar2008, Stassi




  • New GCM tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_24; module GEOSagcm


(non-zero diff to GEOSagcm-Eros_7_23. This tag will be used for MERRA.)

1) Fix bug in PCHEM for time-interpolation of climatology aerosols.                          (non-zero diff)

2) Fix energy budget in catchment.F90 in addition to small mod in CATDEF calculation.        (non-zero diff)

3) Fix energy budget in MOIST (Update TH with RH_CLEANUP heating).                           (non-zero diff)

4) Fix TH => T conversion in PHYSICS (from MOIST) using consistent P**KAPPA calc with MOIST. (non-zero diff)

5) Modified heating from GWD to use (u+0.5du)*du for Budget consistency.                     (non-zero diff)

6) Implement new diagnostics in AGCM and FVCORE for MERRA Budgets.

7) Implement REPLAY "Exact"   option to replay from AGCM_IMPORT     files.

8) Implement REPLAY "Regular" option to replay from ANA.ETA-BKG.ETA files.

9) Updates to AGM.rc and CAP.rc files.

10) Removed need for fvcore_layout.rc (get info from AGCM.rc)





  - Added sort uniq to prepbufr processing to make it consistent with GEOSdas.csm

  - Added handling of hardwired times in in obsys.rc and support for running

    combfrd.x with date time arguments.

  • combfrd.f: New version of combfr.f which checks date/time of input bufr files

  • GEOSdas.csm: Added handling of hardwired times in in obsys.rc and support for

     running combfrd.x with date time arguments.




  • GEOScatch_GridComp/: Modified GNUmakefile and added GNUmakefile_mpi to create

     mpi version of library in addition to the version without mpi.





The TURBULENCE_IMPORT restart is no longer commented out by default in the

AGCM.rc file. If no restart is present, then will need to BOOTSTRAP it (or

comment out in AGCM.rc).





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_1_3

CVS Module: GEOSadas


25Mar2008, Stassi




  • Pushed GCM tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_23; module GEOSgcm


Model was updated to include diagnostics required for Stackhouse forecasts.





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_1_2

CVS Module: GEOSadas


14Mar2008, Stassi




  • New GCM tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_23; module GEOSgcm


1) Implement connectivity in PHYSICS (needed by ARCTAS/Aerosols).

2) Implement REPLAY option in FVCORE for Dump_&_Splash mode.

3) Updates to plots and post utilities.

4) Updates to AGM.rc for REPLAY option.


Note: This version is zero-diff with GEOSagcm-Eros_7_22 when no Aerosols are used.

Restart Changes: none




  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: amsua instrument terminated on 20080306 09z (most

     channels noisy)




  • Updated several files in GOCART, GMAO_Shared/MAPL_Base, and

  GMAO_Shared/Chem_Base to tag, GEOSdas-2_1_2-arctas-03.




  • obsys-nas.rc: updates for NAS





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_7 (starting from 2_0_6)

            GEOSdas-2_1_1 (starting from 2_1_0)

CVS Module: GEOSadas


05Mar2008, Stassi




  • New GCM tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_22; module GEOSgcm


1) Implement D-Grid Definition for KE-Budgets and Conservation.  This creates

   non-zero differences compared with the previous A-Grid definition.

2) Implement changes in FVCORE routines to compute KE Budgets (zero-diff).

3) Protect DQIDT and DQLDT from underflows (hopefully).

4) Changed Diagnostic GST=SQRT(GSTUCN) to GST=sqrt(max(GSTUCN,0.0)) in SALT.

5) Corrected Pressure Level Interpolation in MAPL_CFIO (was performing linear in

   P rather than linear in Log(P)).

6) Modified PHYSICS GRID_COMP (adding a borrowed export O3PPMV from PCHEM) for

   RePlay (atanas).  Zero-Diff

7) Updates to plots and post utilities.

8) Updates to MERRA HISTORY RC Files.

Restart Changes: none  (non-zero diff vs GEOSagcm-Eros_7_21)




  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: Update use flag for AMSU-A channel 4 on board of NOAA-16

     and Aqua

  • make_satinfo.f90: Modify to handle use flag (iuse) is zero for channels not

     used in assimilation but used only for QC puspose.

  • setuprad.f90: Bug fix for quality control for microwave instruments

  • analyzer:

    (1) Modify to use updated Spc and Tau coefficient files for CRTM

    (2) Modify to use updated satbang file (global_satangbias_eliu8.txt)

  • global_satangbias_eliu8.txt:

    (1) Update all channels for NOAA-08

    (2) Update SSU channels for NOAA-11

  • MERRA.Concatenated.SpcCoeff.V4.1.bin: Updated coefficients for all MSU

     instruments (update to fix frequency shift for all MSU instruments)

  • MERRA.Concatenated.TauCoeff.V5.1.bin: same as above




  • obsys-nccs.rc:

  - Include new recalibrated MSU data provided by NCEP

  - Once MODIS wind data becomes available in the RUNH files from Jack

    Woolen (10/1/2004), use these data rather than our own

    locally-produced files.





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_1_0

CVS Module: GEOSadas


06Feb2008, Stassi




  • Updated GOCART, Applications/GEOSgcm_App, GMAO_Shared/Chem_Base,

     GMAO_Shared/Chem_Shared to tag, GEOSdas-2_0_6+arctas-01




Reintroducing CFC module and pointers

  • GOCART_GridComp/GOCART_GridCompMod.F90

  • GOCART_GridComp/CFC_GridComp/GNUmakefile





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_6

CVS Module: GEOSadas


01Feb2008, Stassi




  • New GCM tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_21; module GEOSgcm


The following files were UPDATED

  • Applications/GEOSgcm_App/ChangeLog

  • GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSphysics_GridComp/GEOSturbulence_GridComp/LockEntrain.F90

  • GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/FVdycore_GridCompMod.F 90

  • GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/FVdycore_wrapper.F90

  • GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/cd_core.F90

  • GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/dynamics_vars.F90

  • GEOSagcm_GridComp/GEOSsuperdyn_GridComp/FVdycore_GridComp/te_map.F90


1) Implement new diagnostic calculations for OMEGA, KEGEN, and CONVCPT.

2) Implement reasonable V_DGRID pole values based on V_AGRID.  The pole values of V_DGRID are

   not predicted within the FVCore, thus these are purely diagnostic.  However, they are

   now reproducible across processor configurations and can now be used by utilities outside

   the model.

3) Protect EKM and EKH from going negative in LockEntrain.F90 within the Turbulence.

Restart Changes: none  (zero-diff vs GEOSagcm-Eros_7_20)




  • reblock.c: Changed BUFSIZE from 12000 to 50000




  • GEOSdas.csm: Modified to add a 'uniq' filter so only one copy of

     each file is included in input list for 'combfr.x'.  This

     prevents duplication of files via inadvertent duplication of

     class names in the OBSCLASS.





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_5

CVS Module: GEOSadas


24Jan2008, Stassi




  • New GCM tag: GEOSagcm-Eros_7_20; module GEOSgcm


1) Changes to Fortran Code include:





   - GEOS_PhysicsGridComp.F90



   - GEOS_SurfaceGridComp.F90

   - GEOSland_GridComp/GEOScatch_GridComp/catchment.F90

   - GEOSlandice_GridComp/GEOS_LandIceGridComp.F90

   - GEOSsaltwater_GridComp/GEOS_SaltWaterGridComp.F90



   - FVdycore_GridCompMod.F90

   - FVdycore_wrapper.F90

   - cd_core.F90

   - sw_core.F90

   - trac2d.F90





   - GEOSmoist_GridComp/GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90

   - GEOSmoist_GridComp/cloudnew.F90

   - GEOSsurface_GridComp/GEOSland_GridComp/GEOScatch_GridComp/GEOS_CatchGridComp.F9 0


2) Fixed bug in cloudnew.F90 related to wind-shear pdf

3) Changed Maximum RADQL & RADQI to 1 g/kg (rather than 40 g/kg)

4) Added rain from RH_CLEANUP to various budget diagnostics in MOIST

5) Moved updating of FR in GEOS_CatchGridComp.F90 to AFTER DTS and DQS are

   computed.  This provided consistency with Randy's calculations and prevented

   excessively large DTS and DQS values.

6) Fixed budgets computed in catchment.f90

7) Fixed FRACI diagnostic to be correctly outputted on first timestep

8) Added negative protection of Q2M and Q10M

9) Made updates to MERRA FileSpec:


   Changed QIIT and QLIT to QILSIT and QLLSIT

   Changed U10N and V10N in products to be U10M and V10M (to provide cleaner pole values)

   Kept    U10N and V10N in BKG File (to provide zero-diff)

10) Implemented KEADV, KEPG, and KEDP diagnosics in FVDYCORE

11) Updates to plots and post utilities.

Restart Changes: none




Updated GOCART and Chem_Base routines for aerosol processing.




  • global_satangbias_eliu7.txt: updated sat bias file; new bias estimation for

     SSU channels on TIROS-N and NOAA-06

  • gmao_global_satinfo.rc.tmpl: changed observation errors for SSU (draw analysis

     closer to observation)

  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: updated satinfo database for TIROS-N SSU

  • analyzer: update file global_satangbias_eliu6 -> eliu7




  • inst6_3d_ana_Np.rc: turn on the flag to zero-out spurious values of

     negative moisture generated by the lcv2prs process.




fvsetup: Added "MOIST" to ox_friendlies for DAS run;






CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_4

CVS Module: GEOSadas


04Jan2007, Stassi


(includes changes in GEOSdas-2_0_3)




  • intrad.f90: changes made for satellite bias correction predictors

  • obsmod.f90: changes made for satellite bias correction predictors

  • radinfo.f90: undo previous change; i.e. turn bias correction off for amsua

     ch14 & ssu ch3

  • setuprad.f90: turn off bias correction for AMSU-A ch14 and SSU ch3

  • stprad.f90: changes for satellite bias correction predictors





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_3

CVS Module: GEOSadas


04Jan2007, Stassi





  • global_satangbias_eliu6.txt: update satellite scan angle bias correction file

  • analyzer: update file global_satangbias_eliu5 -> eliu6

  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: update use flag from 0 to 1

  • parameter changes





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_2

CVS Module: GEOSadas


20Dec2007, Stassi





New GCM Tag (22Oct2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p19


1) Fix to MAPL_HistoryGridComp.F90 to correct logic for end_date and end_time

2) Fix to MAPL_HorzTransform.F90 to correct linear interpolation to higher resolution

3) Changed LANDICEALBEDO to 0.775 (from 0.8)

4) Fixed bug in MOIST to pressure weight DTDTFRIC

5) Changed ADD_INCS to adjust THETA with both DELT and DELP increments

6) Modified PHYSICS to set zero fluxes at surface for Turbulence Diffusion of QI and QL tracers

7) Implemented TROPP_THERMAL, TROPP_EPV, and TROPP_BLENDED options for Tropopause Pressure.

8) Mass-Weighted Tv Variable for Omega*Alpha Calculation.

9) Changed CO2 Value in AGCM.rc to be negative (thereby using historical CO2 record)

10) Changed opticsBands_DU dataset in AGCM.rc back to original version (rather than .V2 version)

11) Updates to plots and post utilities.


Restart Changes: none




  • bufrlib.PRM: increased parameter values in response to increased size of some

     tables in the BUFR library mentioned in the JIF memo on 02/02/07.

  • read_prepbufr.f90: modified with changes to truncate the extra bits on the obs

     time read in from the 'prepbufr' files.




  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: update database to reflect recent instrument change

  • make_satinfo.f90: bug fix for use flag in satinfo

  • setuprad.f90: exclude IR channels sensitive to surface properties over non-water surfaces

  • analyzer: update file global_satangbias_eliu4 -> eliu5

  • parameter change

  • global_satangbias_eliu5.txt: update satangbias file




The following files were updated to be consistent with new HISTORY.rc/file-spec.

  • inst1_2d_int_Nx.rc (new file)

  • inst3_3d_asm_Cp.rc

  • tavg1_2d_flx_Nx.rc

  • tavg1_2d_int_Nx.rc

  • tavg1_2d_rad_Nx.rc

  • tavg1_2d_slv_Nx.rc

  • tavg3_3d_cld_Cp.rc

  • tavg3_3d_mst_Cp.rc

  • tavg3_3d_rad_Cp.rc





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_1

CVS Module: GEOSadas


14Nov2007, Stassi





New GCM Tag (22Oct2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p18


1) Fix to MAPL_GenericCplComp.F90 to correct time-averaged diagnostics.

2) Fix to GEOS_SolarGridComp.F90 and sorad.F to correct ALBEDO and SLRSFC calculations.

3) Updates in cloudnew.F90

        a)Thicker cold low-level clouds

        b)RH lower limits in re-evaporation

4) Relative humidity trigger ramp changed in ras.F90 to http://0.5,0.65 from http://.6,.8 (in 7_17)

5) Updates in GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90 for different TPERT over land and ocean. Defaults to

   2K over ocean, 4K over land. Controllable through .rc file

6) Updates from Randy in catchment.F90 for diagnostics and F90 structure.

7) Updates in GEOS_PhysicsGridComp.F90 to enable forgotten diagnostics.

8) Updates in GEOS_AgcmGridComp.F90 and FVdycore_GridCompMod.F90 to more accurately compute

   budget diagnostics of analysis tendencies.

9) Updates in GEOS_AgcmGridComp.F90 to perform final negative SPHU and OX check and to

   compute TPW (Note: TO3 is still computed in CHEMISTRY).

10)Updates to plots and post utilities.


Restart Changes: none




  • combfr.f: write system message (instead of severe error) if program gets list

     of all zero-length files for input.




  • obsys-nccs.rc: re-configured the data acquisition of the NESDIS SSMI data.




  • HISTORY.rc.tmpl: updated to new format

  • GCMPROG.rc.tmpl: updated to new format; added ref_time entries so that

     forecasts produce products on the synoptic hours



Note to OPS


Arlindo's aerosol processing is not functional in this tag.





CVS Tag   : GEOSdas-2_0_0

CVS Module: GEOSadas


24Oct2007, Stassi


Functionally, this is basically the same as the gAdas-1_5beta10p20 tag.




Some updates to the aerosol files

  • Chem_MieRegistry.rc

  • Chem_BundleMod.F90

  • Aod-550nm_Registry.rc

  • Aero_GridCompMod.F90




  • fft.F: modified to work on discover




  • modified to include files from MERRA file spec



Note to OPS


Arlindo's aerosol processing is not functional in this tag.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p20-test4

CVS Module: GEOSadas


09Nov2007, Stassi




  • Start with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p20

  • ras.F90: (tag: arid_precip) rh trigger moved to http://0.5,0.65 (same as test3)

  • cloudnew.F90: (tag: arid_precip_2) re-evaporation made even weaker over warm


  • GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90: (tag: arid_precip_2) tpert increased over land





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p20-test3

CVS Module: GEOSadas


09Nov2007, Stassi




  • Start with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p20

  • ras.F90: (tag:arid_precip) rh trigger moved to http://0.5,0.65

  • cloudnew.F90: (tag:arid_precip) rh lower limit in reevaporation





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p20-test2

CVS Module: GEOSadas


09Nov2007, Stassi




  • Start with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p20

  • cloudnew.F90: (tag:b_polar_cloud) thicker low clouds in high latitudes





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p20-test1

CVS Module: GEOSadas


08Nov2007, Stassi




  • Start with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p20

  • GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90: comment out TPERT=MIN

  • ras.F90:  change RHMN = .6 -> .3, RHMX = .8 -> .4





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p20

CVS Module: GEOSadas (*** NOTE New DAS Module Name ***)


23Oct2007, Stassi





New GCM Tag (22Oct2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p17


1) Add more MERRA diagnostics

2) Implemented Julio's DAS Tag gAdas-1_5beta10p19 changes

3) Updates from Randy in catchment.F90 for negative runoff

4) Implemented GWD Heating Correction based on energy conversion from waves

   (rather than mean flow)

5) Added LANDICE and SEAICE skin temperature changes to allow for diurnal cycle

6) Moved CLDTMP and CLDPRS to SOLAR (to eliminate undefined values at startup)

7) Close GFIO files immediately after WRITE when frequency == duration

8) Modifications to KE Budget (KEDYN, KEPHY, KEANA all computed from DYN).

9) Updates to Quickplot


Restart Changes: none


M.Sienkiewicz (email, 20Sep2007)


Modified code used to convert the diag_pcp output into ODS format so that it

writes the analyzed log(1+rainrate) instead of the observation (rain rate).

  • m_ods.f90

  • m_odsxsup.f90

  • ods_dcget.f

  • ods_dconv.f

  • ods_dpcp.f

  • odsmeta.h




  • obsys-nccs.rc: in SBUV-8 block, change



Note to OPS


Arlindo's aerosol processing is not functional in this tag.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p19

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


04Oct2007, Stassi




  • cloudnew.F90: autoconversion rate increased above 700 hpa

  • ras.F90: relative humidity ramp increased from http://.3,.4 to http://.6,.8

  • GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90: cbl_tpert max'ed at 2 K




  • global_satangbias_eliu4.txt: updated satbias angle correction file for

     operational use (2001-current)

  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: update channel selection for aqua-airs and amsub-n15.

  • analyzer: update to use global_satangbias_eliu4.txt file





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p18

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1






  • GEOS_SolarGridComp.F90: Corrected inconsistency between resource file and

     Fortran for the DT and Avrg parameters.

  • cloudnew.F90: Change MIN_RL back to 10.0e-6 from 15.0e-6






  • MERRA.satbias.init: set spun-up clw coeffs for AMSUA insts

  • analyzer: modified to use MERRA.satbias.init as restart

  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: changed passive flag from -1 to 0

  • make_satinfo.f90: modified to accommodate change in gmao_satinfo_base.rc





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p17

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1






  • catchment.F90: Increased capacity of canopy interception reservoir by a factor

     of 5.




  • monthly_hdf.F and gfio.f: If non-zero return code when attempting to use last

     variable's missing value for undefined value, then use first variable's

     missing value instead.




  • GMAO_mpeu/get_zeits.c: update to revision 1.3 for NAS (new OS)




  • g5_modules: Moved BASEDIR and MODULES information into a single file instead

     of it being coded in multiple files.

  • Config/GNUmakefile: Remove references to $(ESMADIR)/$(ARCH)/Config





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p16

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1






read_prepbufr.f90: modified to handle "nint" overflow for large real values on





vtxreloc: modified new relocator to use old spectral configuration.


requested by A.daSilva


Updated the GFIO library to latest version.




Several modifications including the following:

  • setuprad.f90: use CRTM for historical satellites, e.g. NOAA-5 thru NOAA-12

  • gmao_ssu_effcell_prs.txt: extend the last dated value beyond the last date

  • gmao_global_satinfo.rc.tmpl: moved SSU entries to bottom of list

  • new MERRA CRTM files in fvInput

  • analyzer: modified to use new MERRA CRTM files

  • gmao_satinfo_base.rc: make NOAA-10 data passes until 18Dec1986




Several modifications to work around bufr lib errors and bugs.




Updated files in Applications directory for discover.

(branch: dsk_hide_prepqc).





  - re-added missing ref_date and ref_time fields to bkg products

  - output products in CFIO format

  • GMAO_Shared/GMAO_transf/util.f90: correct code to return a non-zero error

     status when exiting on error.




  • obsys-nccs.rc:

  - new version with updates for runh files (see email)

  - new "gaps_filled" data from Jack





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p15-IT2

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


06Aug2007, Lucchesi


Modifications to correct bugs and to fix problems on discover.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p15-IT1

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


23Jul2007, Lucchesi


Correct problems with raobcore program.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p15

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


11Jul2007, Stassi




Update GOCART routines to tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p14-c1

  • DU_GridCompMod.F90: fixed bin-averaged DU_Mass export variable which was not

     being computed (output was all zeros)

  • SS_GridCompMod.F90: ditto

  • SS_Registry.rc: changed "Dust" to "Seasalt"




  • m_GFIO_GetFld.f: Update gfio to handle double precision lon value (see p14


  • vtrack.rc: Expand tracking window (200,360)(0,90) -> (0,360)(-80,80)




  • raobcore.f: Fix the problem with non-zero temperature adjustments improperly

     assigned at 925 and 1000 mb.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p14

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


28Jun2007, Stassi


- Started with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p12B.


- New raobcore routines added (C.Redder/M.Sienkiewicz)


  Updates added from tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p9-radcor.


- New stats (W.Gu/R.Todling)


  Change stats from gmao04May2007 to gmao27Jun2007.


- Bias correction (E.Liu)


  In, turn on temperature lapse rate for bias correction.


02Jul2007, Stassi


    • pushing tag with GCM updates from L.Takacs **


New GCM tag (02Jul2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p11


1) The reproducibility error (wrt Processor configuration) in FV is

   fixed.  The error was due to an incomplete ghosting after a polar FFT


2) CFIO can now output flat GRADS files using the HISTORY.rc attribute

   list%format: "GRADS"

3) Several MERRA diagnostics have been corrected.



Note to OPS


The vortex relocator program does not work in this tag. The GCM made a

change to write lat/lon values to the bkg.sfc file as double

precision, but the gfio library routine used by recalcsfc.f can only

read single precision lon values. This problem is fixed in tag,






CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p12B

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


29Jun2007, Stassi


- Start with the gAdas-1_5beta10p12 tag as a baseline.


- bug fix in the total precip diagnostic (A.daSilva)


  Updates in GEOS_Chem and GOCART routines.


- filter out Indian Rawinsonde observations (M.Sienkiewicz)


  Updated 'ssprepqc.x' to add blacklisting of Indian rawinsonde

  mass observations.  (Blacklisting controlled by switch PG4243

  in parm file, blacklisting turned on by default.)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p12

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


22Jun2007, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag (21Jun2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p10


Based on GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p9; Includes these updates from J.Bacmeister:

1) KH/Land Tuning for Lock surface turbulence different over ocean and land - higher

   over land.

2) RAS/topo RAS time scale shorter when surface pressure below 900 hPa

3) CRF/stratus Effective radius for low warm clouds restored to 15 um


  Fortran Physics changes:  GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90






Change by E.Liu


  • setuprad.f

  - do not use channels sensitive to surface properties for microwave

    instrument over snow/ice/mixed due to background bias

  - bug fix to emissivity for EOS AMSU-A


Changes by R.Todling


Changes needed to issue forecasts from the latest files from NCEP

  • GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/post/gg2fv.F

  • GMAO_Shared/GMAO_transf/GNUmakefile

  • GMAO_Shared/GMAO_transf/ss2gg.f90

  • NCEP_Shared/NCEP_bacio/GNUmakefile_rnin

  • NCEP_Shared/NCEP_sigio/GNUmakefile

  • NCEP_Shared/NCEP_sigio/bafrio.f           (added to repository)

  • NCEP_Shared/NCEP_sigio/sigio_r_module.f90 (added to repository)

  • NCEP_Shared/NCEP_sigio/sigio_module.f90



Note to OPS


The surface_import restart from previous tags will need to be bootstrapped.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p9-radcor

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


26Jun2007, Stassi


  • Started with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p9, as baseline


New from C.Redder


  • revived directory: src/Applications/NCEP_Paqc/radcor/

  - new radcor library and program files.





  • cqcbufr.f - add switch to disable RADCOR


  • prepobs_cqcbufr.merra.parm, prepobs_radcor.merra.parm (removed)


  • ssprepqc

   - add 'cqcvad' program

   - limit OIQC mpirun to 4 CPUs unless 'np' was specified

   - add options to run Chris Redder's Haimberger and raobcor (radcor

     for homogenized obs) programs.  'cqcbufr' and 'radcor' parm files

     now dynamically generated


  • CQCVAD - quality control checks for Doppler VAD winds

   in new directory: src/Applications/NCEP_Paqc/prepobs_cqcvad.fd/

   - prepobs_cqcvad.fd/GNUmakefile

   - prepobs_cqcvad.fd/cqcvad.f


  • filter out Indian Rawinsonde observations (M.Sienkiewicz)


  Updated 'ssprepqc.x' to add blacklisting of Indian rawinsonde

  mass observations.  (Blacklisting controlled by switch PG4243

  in parm file, blacklisting turned on by default.)



Notes to OPS


To run radcor:

1. Set the PREPQC variable in the job script to 1 (one).

2. Set the RADCOR variable in job script to one of the following values:

  setenv RADCOR "NONE" ........ neither NCEP nor Haimberger-hradcor

  setenv RADCOR "NCEP" ........ standard NCEP (correct type 52, CORUSVAI=F)

  setenv RADCOR "NCEP_VAI" .... NCEP radcor but do not correct type 52 CORUSVAI=T

  setenv RADCOR "HAIMB_HRAD" .. Apply both Haimberger homogenization and 'hradcor'

  setenv RADCOR "HAIMB" ....... No NCEP RADCOR, apply Haimberger homogenization

                                but do not apply 'hradcor' correction.

3. If RADCOR is not set in the job script or if it is set to '0', then

   the default case 'NCEP_VAI' is used.  (This is because '0' == false,

   so it behaves like RADCOR was not set.)

4. If RADCOR is set to something else not matching one of the options

   above (does not match VAI, does not match NONE, does not match

   HAIMB - e.g. setenv RADCOR 1) then it will behave like 'setenv






CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p11

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


07Jun2007, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag (01Jun2007)/Updated (20Jun2007) : GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p9


1) New FV Polar Filter to remove stratospheric jet pole problem during

    N.Hemisphere Winter.


    Note: Current version does not pass reproducibility test for different

          Processor combinations!!  Differences look like round-off.  Needs

          more investigation.


2) New calculation of Diagnostic OMEGA which is more energetically

    consistent with d(KE)/dt and d(CpT)/dt calculations.

3) Put an upper limit (2) on the Richardson Number Ri.

4) Changed Default REF_TIME to be the BEG_TIME from the CLOCK (rather than 0z).

5) Zero-Diff changes to fix memory leaks.

6) Modified Solar, Surface, Catch, Salt, and Physics to fix inconsistency in

    solar fluxes.  Note: Current version may produce small inconsistencies of

    Net_SW_at_Ground between SOLAR and SURFACE.

7) Changed SNOMAS export from Surface to mm (from meters).

8) Fixed mass conservation for tracers within RAS.

9) Updates to MERRA HISTORY.rc file.

10) Updates to GEOS_Util/post

11) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots





Updates to GOCART routines + Chem_UtilMod.F90




Vortex relocator modified to interact directly with the physical grid

rather than reading spectral and converting to Gaussian before doing




Note to OPS


The BEG_DATE in CAP.rc must be set prior to the date/time of the

restarts for the GCM to execute.  This is a change, and fvsetup has

been modified to tick the date back by one day (previously it used the

date/time of the restarts).





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p10B

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


14Jun2007, Stassi


  • Started with today's version of DAS tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p11,

  including the A.daSilva GOCART and J.Guo vortex relocator updates.


  • Reverted GCM tag back from GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p9 to beta7p8, except

  Arlindo's GOCART modifications.


  • Retained latest version of GEOS_PhysicsGridComp.F90, which contains

  a bug fix.


  • Includes pushes to GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p8 for the following files

  which occurred after that tag was integrated into gAdas-1_5beta10p9

  - HISTORY_MERRA.rc.tmpl

  - FVdycore_GridCompMod.F90





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p10

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


11May2007, Stassi


changes by J.Guo


Updated to new statistics in fvsetup, fvssisetup, gsi.rc.sample, and



changes by R.Todling/J.Stassi


Changes so that vortex tracker will work correctly.

  • vtrack: use eta2prs.x from GEOS_Utils rather than from hermes

  • vtrack_training: lats4d from hdf input rather than from binary input


changes by A.daSilva


Aerosol updates in src/GEOSgcm_GridComp and src/GMAO_Shared




  • read_bufrtovs.f90: Modification to correct problem when TOVS bufr

     file is zero length





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p9

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


30Apr2007, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag (27Apr2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p8

1) Fixed MAJOR bug in irrad.f introduced in previous tag (GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p7).

2) Updates to Arlindo daSilva's latest Aerosol code.

3) Updates to MOIST for Arlindo daSilva's aerosol scavenging. (Default, no

    scavenging, zero-diffs).

4) Computed U10N and V10N which better represents 10-meter winds assuming

    neutral stability.

5) Implemented vertical interpolation to pressure for output files.

6) Fixed bug in vertical interpolation within FV (for U50M and V50M).

7) Updates to FV on the HEAD.  The FILL parameter is set to FALSE.  The Polar

    Filter has been switched to use an FFT everywhere (rather than an Algebraic

    version farther away from poles).

8) Updated to Ricardo Todling's TURBULENCE tag (GEOSpert-gAdrt-b11p1-2spmd)

    for Adjoint diagnostics, with minor (zero-diff) changes for efficiency.

9) The topography datasets have been modified by multiplicative factors to

    adjust the global mean value to 231.5m (which is the mean of GTOPO30).

    This should remove most of the difference between our dry mass and EC's.

10) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots

11) Updates to MOIST CRF parameters (MAX_RI, MIN_RL) in cloudnew.F90, and

    MOIST_RASPBL algorithm using 30 minutes to 12 hours timescales.


changes by M.Sienkiewicz/J.Stassi


Updated NCEP_Shared/NCEP_bufr directory to tag GSISA-2006_09p2.


changes by J.Stassi


  • fvsetup:

  - modified to point to Larry's new bcs directory.

  - added option for HISTORY_MERRA.rc.tmpl file

  - added y/n query for aerosol processing

  • m_set_eta.F90

  - revert back to former ak's and bk's from those used in gAdas-1_5beta11

    (Note: this tag reverted back to beta10 because the levels match

    and therefore the tag is consistent with restarts from beta10 tags.)



Note to OPS


In the HISTORY_MERRA.rc.tmpl file, for output streams where the

resolution is defined, the resolution MUST be coarser than the native

resolution, otherwise the model crashes.


Therefore, for 2 x 2.5 grid runs, change

    "288 144" -> "72 45"

    "288 181" -> "72 46"





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8-raslnch

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


26Apr2007, Stassi


changes by J.Bacmeister


Multiple launch levels for RAS.

- Started with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8-raspbl

- Updated GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90 to tag, b_val8 (branch tag)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8-raspbl

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


25Apr2007, Stassi


changes by J.Bacmeister


RAS time scales depend on pbl (planetary boundary layer) strength

- Started with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8-rasland

- Updated GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90 to tag, b_val8

- Will run with maximum RAS time scale of 12 hours.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8-revap1

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


24Apr2007, Stassi


changes by J.Bacmeister


Different large scale reevaporation over land and ocean.

- Started with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8-rasland

- Changed GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90 back to tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8

- Updated cloudnew.F90 to tag, b_val8





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8-rasland

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


24Apr2007, Stassi


changes by J.Bacmeister


Different RAS time scales over land and ocean

- Started with tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8

- Updated fvsetup to tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8-crf2 (new time steps for 1/2 deg)

- Updated gmao_satinfo_base.rc to tag, gAdas-1_5beta10p8-crf2 (bad airs #118)

- Updated GEOS_MoistGridComp.F90 to tag, b_val8





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta11

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


09Apr2007, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag (06Apr2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p7


Description: Intended for fairly clean test of new aks and bks.

Includes diagnostic fixes and additions. Aside from the new levels,

it has a new LWI definition and slightly modified limits on ocean

Reynolds numbers.  Post p6 changes in the moist physics, which have

been in testing in DAS mode (e.g., crf runs) have not been included.


  1) Computed DelDot( V DelP ) using 2nd-Order with Vbar and DelPbar in


  2) Switched from FFT DtoA to Simple Average in Makeiau.

  3) Added protection for LOG(DZ...) in Catchment for thinner levels.

  4) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots

  5) Corrected out of bounds in logical in FV: mapz (no effect on


  6) FVwrapper (diagnostics only)

     - Added energetics diagnostics, including KE, etc tracers

     - Disabled v dot del in omega calc

  7) FVdycore_GridComp

     - Zero diff code restructuring (first pass at MAPLizing)

     - Added budget and flux diagnostics

     - Added single level diagnostics

     - Added u50 and v50

  8) Corrected catchment.F90 uninitialized variable HSNACC (diagnostic


  9) Added land budget diagnostics

10) Fixed out-of-bounds array in irrad.f

11) Modified HISTORY.rc to get U50M, V50M from Dynamics Component

12) Changes LWI definition:

     - water=frland+frlake>.6;

     - ice=water & (frice>0.5 or T<-1.7)

13) Changed SNOMAS over glacier---now fixed at 4 m in landice.

14) put limits on Re (1000,0.4 -> 50,0.1) in over salt water.

15) added seaice fraction diagnostic to surface (FRACI).

     added reynolds number diagnostic to surface (RE).


This model can be used to run with the new Ak's and Bk's, although it

is perfectly backward compatible with the old values.  The new Ak and

Bk values can be found in:  ~/src/Shared/GEOS_Util/post/set_eta.F90

There you will find the new Ak and Bk values under the comment line:

72-Level (as of 3/28/2007)



changes by A.daSilva/Stassi


- GNUmakefiles were modified to allow parallelized build

- parallel_build.csh script added


changes by J.Stassi


- m_set_eta.F90: new ak's and bk's to match the GCM



changes by D.Kokron (22Mar2007)


Modifications in the following files for running on discover


- parallel_build.csh

- Applications/GEOSdas_App/GEOSdas.csm

- Applications/GEOSdas_App/fvsetup

- Applications/NCEP_Paqc/ssprev/GNUmakefile

- Config/

- GMAO_Shared/GEOS_Util/post/GNUmakefile

- GSI_GridComp/GNUmakefile

- GSI_GridComp/analyzer

- NCEP_Shared/NCEP_crtm/GNUmakefile





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8-crf2

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


23Mar2007, Stassi


changes by J.Bacmeister


  • cloudnew.F90: from branch tag, b_GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p6_LLT

   - Effective radius increased for anvil ice only

   - Drizzle zeroed out through reevaporation


changes by M.Suarez/L.Takacs


  • fvsetup

   - In the AGCM.rc.tmpl file, change the SOLAR_DT and IRRAD_DT

     default values from 5400 to 3600 for 0.5 deg and up





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8-crf

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1



15Mar2007, Stassi


changes by J.Bacmeister


  • cloudnew.F90: from branch tag, b_GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p6_LLT

   - Effective radius increased for ice clouds, reduced for liquid

     clouds. Land reevap reduced.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p8

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


02Mar2007, Stassi


changes by L.Takacs and M.Suarez


1) cloudnew.F90

   - reduced reevaporation over land, so that it is the same as over sea

     http://set LANDSEAF=0.5 for both land and sea (land used to be 2.0)

2) GEOS_CatchGridComp.F90

   - reactivate redelsberger

   - place a lower limit of 0.4 on the reynolds number

   - decrease the roughness for heat over bare soil (lai<0.3)

3) GEOS_SaltWaterGridComp.F90

   - redelsberger was already active (no change)

   - place a lower limit of 0.4 on the reynolds number





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p7

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


26Feb2007, Stassi


changes requested by R.Todling


- m_fvAnaGrid.F90: Turned off mass adjustment until model gets fixed

- m_da_interp.F90: Fixed bug in v-wnd in dtoa and atod interpolations

- setupw.f90: Add kx=259 to MODIS QC, bring in QC bugfix (Meta)

- hdf2rs.F: calculating p-edges from top down


changes requested by R.Lucchesi


- obsys-nccs.rc: Corrected end date for merra_sfcland_prep_bufr data


changes by J.Stassi


- analyzer: Modified to work when dropped into the expid/run directory





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p6-SSUfix

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


04Apr2007, Stassi


Tag patch with bug fixes from Emily related to SSU and GLATOVS in the

following files:

- m_gmao_rtm_intfc.F90

- setuprad.f90

- ssu_atmos.f





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p6

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


02Feb2007, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag (31Jan2007): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p6

  1) Updates to FV on the HEAD for 1x1 reproducibility

  2) Updates to Randy's catchment for diffusivities

  3) Corrected ALBEDO bcs (Version V5)

  4) Updated LandIce Albedo (0.75)

  5) Updates to GEOS_Util/plots

  6) Updates to scripts and resource files under Application to

     include Aerosols


  New albedo data sets (for version V5) can currently be found on:

    NCCS: /share/ltakacs/geos5/bcs/V5

    NAS:  /nobackup2a/ltakacs/geos5/bcs/V5


changes by R.Todling


New tag for selected GSI files: rt-drymass-fix-1





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p5

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


06Dec2006, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag (06Dec2006): GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p5

  1) Updates to FV on the HEAD

  2) Fixed diagnostics and budgets

  3) Updates to Julio's Physics (cloudnew, lock, saltwater)

  4) Randy's catchment fix to heat capacity plus bug fix to hcorr

  5) Modified AGCM grid component to check for negative Friendlies

  6) Updates to scripts and resource files under Application


Note:  No new restarts (or changes) are required.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p4

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


10Nov2006, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p4 includes

  1) Solar:   updated diagnostics

  2) AGCM:    fixed default values for BIAS correction on model side

  3) makeiau: added option for reading BIAS file

  4) APPL:    small mods in fcst.script and regress.script





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p3

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


05Oct2006, Stassi


change requested by R.Todling


Revert back to old background error stats as per Ricardo's email to stassi.




other changes


- one line change to zero out negative moisture. (Banglin)

- HISTORY.rc.tmpl: new specs and some new definitions--commented out

  for now. (Lucchesi, daSilva)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p2

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


29Sep2006, Stassi


changes given by L.Takacs


New GCM Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p3 includes


  • a modified AGCM grid component which simplifies the IAU coding


  • a fix to the ADD_INCS subroutine which corrects diagnostic budgets


  • updates to Julio's physics which goes back to an older, simpler version


  • updates to Arlindo's AEROCHEM


  • updates to used MAPL


  • updates to use NATIVE (rather than BIG_ENDIAN) for RESTARTS and BCS


  • updates to scripts and resource files under Application





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10p1

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


08Sep2006, Stassi


- GCM Tag: GEOSagcm-Eros-beta7p1


  • downdraft enabled

- GSI tag: rt-gAdas-1_5beta10 (see notes below)

- other






CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta10

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


31Aug2006, Todling


- Added moisture bias correction capability to GSI:

    o updated mpeu

    o updated transf

    o updated fvsetup and fvpsas

    o this involves recycling of a bias file

    (modifications from Bangin and Jing)

    tag: gmao-gsi-2005_12p2

- Replaced bkg err stats by latest from Wei Gu

  (capable of fall back using gsi.rc switch)

    tag: gmao-gsi-2005_12p3 (includes bias correction)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta9p4

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


30Aug2006, Stassi/daSilva


- Added AEROChem (changes in GEOSgcm and GMAO_Shared

- SSM/I fixes to GSI from Meta

- Minor changes to satellite handling from Emily

- Parallelization of vtrack program

- added GMAO perl util library

- added GEOS_Util (from Takacs)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta9p1

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


20Jun2006, Stassi


Added program to create satinfo file at runtime.


  • src/GSI_GridComp/

  - analyzer


  • src/GMAO_Shared/GMAO_etc/

  - gmao_satinfo_base.rc (master table containing sat info)

  - gmao_global_satinfo.rc.tmpl

  - make_satinfo.f90

  - GNUmakefile


  • src/Applications/GEOSdas_App

  - fvsetup (create gmao_global_satinfo.rc at runtime and archive it)


Modified files for using older NOAA sets in GSI.


  • src/GSI_GridComp/

  - m_gmao_rtm_intfc.F90

  - obsmod.f90


  • src/GMAO_Shared/GMAO_iret/glatovs/

  - GLA_Init.f

  - ssu_atmos.f


  • src/GMAO_Shared/GMAO_iret/radtrans

  - m_bt_drv.f90

  - m_bt_drv3.f90

  - m_bt_frv_var.f9

  - m_init_rt.f90

  - m_interp_inrt.f90

  - m_interp_outjac.f90


Added safety check to turn off dval weighting for sats not being used.


  • src/GSI_GridComp

  - read_amsre.f90

  - read_avhrr.f90

  - read_avhrr_navy.f90

  - read_bbufrtovs.f90

  - read_goesimg.f90

  - read_goesndr.f90

  - read_ssmi.f90

  - read_ssmis.f90

  - read_airs.f90


Added script to check BASEDIR and module environment at build.


  • src/

  • src/Config/


Other changes:


  • src/GSI_GridComp/

  - setuprad.f90 (Emily's band aid to zero out ozone feedback from AIRS)


  • src/

  - g5das_build.csh (DAS build script)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta9p2

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


25May2006, Todling


- Updated vortex relocator programs after testing

- Updated makeiau to handle different resolution between ana and bkg files

- Updated fvpsas to change order of vtx call in DAS mode and

  added call to vtrack in fcst mode

- updated BASEDIR to v2_2r2t (or v2_2r2tt at NAS)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta9p1

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


25May2006, Stassi


- Look in the ChangeLog under source





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta9

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


25May2006, Todling


- differs from previous tag by snowdp vs snomas in bkg.sfc file

  and the surfgridcom from agcm.

- also ssu effective cell pressures; controled by rc file

- back to qopt=1





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8p6

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


19May2006, Todling


- Updated GCM to GEOSagcm-Eros-beta6. This brings in the aerosols

  impact in the radiation.

- ODS now compiles under r4; all its executables are r4 - antecipating ODAS





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8p5

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


15May2006, Todling


- added two more output files inst3d_iau_v and inst3d_iau_e

- changed bkg to being filespec compliant again and have qitot/qltot

  instead of qctot.

- updated obsys.nccs.rc w/ corrected sbuv data files

- updated bkg error stats and its parameter setting

- added GPROF/Wentz-wind-spds and hooks for TRMM/TMI





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8p4

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


05May2006, Todling


- updated GCM to GEOSagcm-Eros-beta5p2: includes fix to IAU

  and handle for o3 assimilation w/ IAU





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8p3

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


05May2006, Todling


- Implemented IAU


  Notes to OPS:


  - env var IAUOSET needs to be set for IAU


  Known Issues:


   - O3 IAU inc not fully taken by GCM

   - same issues of beta8p2





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8p2

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


28Apr2006, Todling


- updated GCM to GEOSgcm-Eros-beta5; now using intel-comp.8.1.034 on Altix


  Know Issues:


  o analysis does not run on Halem

  o gcm requires more memory than it needs to run - real issue on Halem

  o o3 satellite channels cannot be made passive





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8p1

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


24Apr2006, Todling


- updated gcm-related dirs to GEOSagcm-Eros-beta4





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta8

CVS Module: GEOSdas_m1


24Apr2006, Todling


- this is a completely revampped dir structure that started from

  gAdas-1_5beta7p2 but suffered various changes until we had

  a working version (with Daedalus gcm): jcs-Gb7p2

- reversed order of call to gcm and fvana in fvpsas script: zero diff

  as long as bkg files are properly provided

- updated GCM components to gcm tag e0232 (with some reservations)





CVS Tag   : jcs-Gb7p2

CVS Module: g5das


20Apr2006, Stassi


- same as gAdas-1_5beta7p2 but with completely revampped dir structure





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta7p2

CVS Module: g5das


13Mar2006, Todling


- IRET is back! (used in GSI when assimilating SSU)

- changes in GSI to accommodate call to glatovs/iret

- bug fix in ods conversion of gsi-diag files

- bug fix in obsys-nccs.rc

- activated precip obs from SSMI

- ana.prs.rc is gone; replaced by inst3d_met_p.rc


NOTES: The following rc files need to replace existing ones

       in a run setup using beta7p1:


     gsi.rc; gmao_global_satinfo.rc; gmao_global_ozinfo.rc;

     obsys-nccs.rc (obsys.rc)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta7p1

CVS Module: g5das


22Feb2006, Todling


- added prep-qc as per tag: meta_prepqc

- fvpsas and fvana modified to accommodate PREPQC

- added lcv2prs capability to fvpsas

- added SSU modifications for gsi: eliu-gsi-ssu-1

- added SSU modifications for sat-bias: eliu-bias-ssu-1

- modifications to fvsetup to accommodate PREPQC

- upgraded to essential files of GCM from Daedulus_p7

   (not taken rc files and config files)


Notes for OPS:


- Added env var PREPQC (this is set as 0 when you run fvsetup; but

                        you must set it to 1 for the MERRA runs)

  setenv PREPQC 1


- Need new GCM restart: pchem_internal_rst (for now this is available

  from Eric Nielsen and is simply a month-climatology for the 6 spieces

  in the file.


- The following resource files were added/modified since last tag:

  o ana.prs.rc (this is used to lcv2prs on the fly both bkg & ana eta files)

  o OIQC-related resources:









  o The following RC files were modified from the previous version:















  o daotovs files appear again after fvsetup runs ... but not need to care for them





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta7

CVS Module: g5das


01Feb2006, Todling


- Updated to fvgsi-1_0beta5

   o varQC on

   o spline interpolation

   o mods to transf to handle clmr (cloud condensate mixr)

   o added clmw (this modifies the contents of the bkg/ana.eta files)

   o hermes modified to put out clmw

   o util to produce bkg.eta from gcm-rs5 introduced


- gcm modified to pass clmr as bkg





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta6p1

CVS Module: g5das


16Dec2005, Todling


- Jing's fix to Jc term merge and replacement of GMAO-derivatives

  with NCEP ones.

- Minor fixes in fvsetup and fvssisetup related to palm's configuration





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta6

CVS Module: g5das


08Nov2005, Todling


- updated GSI to fvgsi-1_0beta4: Jc-term now can be exercised.





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta5

CVS Module: g5das


06Oct2005, Todling


- updated GCM to Daedalus_p5, however not fully:

  a) pilgrim, mpeu, and gfio I kept as from my previous tag

  b) In Applications, I merged HISTORY.rc w/ the one I had and

     kept CAP.rc as from my previous tag(s)

- merged w/ MAP05-DAS beta3p10 tag (pushed beta5 tag)





CVS Tag   : gAdas-1_5beta4

CVS Module: g5das


06Oct2005, Todling


- updated gsi w/ native grid interface (fvgsi-1_0beta3p5)





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p10 (tag for MAP05-DAS)


21Oct2005, Todling


- Updated bfr library in ncepshrd dir. This is a blended merge

  between two version of the bfr lib: one from gAdas-1_5beta3p9

  and another that came w/ the relocator bundle.

- Added env variable DIAG2ODS so OPS can turn off diag2ods and deal w/

  it within the post-processing.

- Added huricane tracking and relocator codes from NCEP; scripting is our own.

- The following files have been added to the output:

   o bkg09.eta (present w/ anynoptic bkg run): this is the original 9-hr forecast

     generated by the gcm; the nomenclature bkg09.eta.20050101_03z means this is

     a 9-hr forecast valid at 03Z on 20050101 (therefore a forecast started 9-hrs

     earlier on 20041231_18z); in case the relocator program actually relocates

     the background, files bkgHH (where HH can be 03 or 06) will also be available

     as the untouched actual origianl gcm background.

   o same as above applies to new files bkg09.sfc

   o files xbkg.sfc and xana.sfc correspoding to the ammended surface background

     and surface analysis files, respectively. The original bkg.sfc issued by the

     GCM does not contain all fields required by the file specs - xbkg.sfc is a

     post-gcm ammended version of the surface background obtained by using information

     from the upper-air bkg fields.

   NOTE: the analysis always works w/ backgrounds named bkg.eta - no matter whether this

         has been relocated or not

- Specific for OPS:

   o should set env VTXSPEC to 254 for MAP05DAS (setenv VTXSPEC 254)

   o env var DIAG2ODS allows turning off diag2ods conversion in fvpsas

   o lnlist can be edited to set up real-time sst's

   o note required changes in silo.arc and fvpsas.rc

   o the resence of the relocator will increase run-time due to extra required fv2ss/ss2fv

     conversion of the backround; notice also that relocator works on a 64-lev bkg which

     consists of a degradation of the gcm bkg in the vertical.

   o file vtrack.rc can be used to define the region of interest for storm tracking





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p9 (tag for MAP05-DAS)


06Oct2005, Todling


- backup gsi out of GMAO interface; back to fvgsi-1_0beta2p2; analyzer

  expanded to properly do asynoptic bkg w/ single-time-slot filename,

  perform surface analysis, and call vortex relocator whenever that is

  ready to go.

- gcm updated to Cerebus_p6 (except rc files and mpeu)

- added vortex relocator and scripting

- made a number of modifications to tracker code to try and have it

  work from within DAS; problem now is gettrk.x does not work; scripts

  seem ok - need full test when gettrk.x ix fixed

- added surface analysis in gsi/analyzer





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p8


06Sep2005, Todling


- updated transf and gsi to jg-fvgsi-4jguo-3f6 to fix handling of surf fields





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p7


10Jul2005, Todling


- updated transf and gsi with latest versions of interface

  rt-transf-03 and jg-fvgsi-4jguo-3f4, respectively.

- merged in various components that were on the loose supporting

  MAP05: eta2prs (Takacs); ss2gg(NCEP/Takacs); gg2fv(Takacs)

- modifications to fvpsas to save time when copying files

- tag tested for high-resolution DAS





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p6


07Jul2005, Todling


- intermediate tag





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p5


21Jul2005, Todling


- updated GSI to gmao-gsi-2005_08 (TLM updates)

- removed rs52dyn from DAS loop in fvpsas

- added source codes for tropical strom tracking; relocation;

  and "bogusing" -> tracking code as per Ops tag: map05bin_OPS

  (and therefore should be a working code); all other codes are

  as from NCEP and have not been tested.





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p4


27Jun2005, Todling


- updated GSI to include interface programs to handle GMAO fv-dyn files

- updated transf to created needed support programs for new interface to GSI





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p3


27Jun2005, Todling


- renamed siganl and sfcanl files to anl.sig and anl.sfc, respectively.

  (NOTE TO OPS: this requires changes in silo.arc)

- capable of storing spectral sigma bkgs if wanted (not by the default).

- implemented asynoptic bkg capability





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p2


09Jun2005, Todling


- added pchem capability

- updated share/fvssi to fvgsi-1_0beta2p3 (include GSI TLM)

- updated dyn2dyn to handle "e" resolution

- reduced precision of bkg and ana.eta files to 32bits (prep for 1/4 deg DAS)

- various changes in fvsetup and fvpsas for O3/OX analysis





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3p1


12May2005, Todling


- some testing on Columbiar: ok

- added diag2ods

- merged w/ fvgsi-1_0beta2p1

- added cloud condensate to dyn vector

- modified transf to partially handle could condensate info

- a number of small changes referent to scripts fvssi/setup

- TURNED OFF sac.x due to unknown bug ... will investigate further





CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta3


29Apr2005, Todling


- Updated GCM to Cerebus tag

- Adapted rs52dyn.x interface and corresponding fvpsas use of it





20Apr2005, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta2


- Up-to-date w/ fvgsi-1_0beta2=NCEP-Apr-04 release of GSI



18Apr2005, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta1p3


- Palm-ready version. Some known problems on Palm:

  o absence of getsponsor command creates run-job scripts that

    need to be edited before getting submitted to queue (add

    #PBS -W group_list=...)

  o According to GCM group this version of the GCM produces physically

    reasonable results on Columbia (and supposedly on Palm), but different

    from those of Halem(Compaq), therefore code needs to be taken w/ caution

    (probably on both machines).

  o for some yet unknown reason fvsetup fails at the end due to an error in

    the script fvsavef; however the only consequence is that the directories

    run and fcst do not get saved on mass-store while run is setup; user should

    do it by hand.


- A baseline experiment for this tag exists for the period starting 16 Jul 2004

  and ending 30 Sep 2004; expid is g5b1p3_p1 located under /output/todling


- Instructions for building are as follows (these are temporary targets):

  After code's checked out:

  a) setenv F90 f90 (if on Compaq or SGI); setenv F90 ifort (if on Palm/Columbia)

  b) setenv ESMA_FC ifort (if on Linux/Altix)

  c) setenv BASEDIR /share/ESMA/baselibs/v1_8r1p

  d) cd src; ./configure

  e) gmake allinstall  (this is temporary tag for this target and a few others to come)



31Mar2005, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta1p2


- updated shared to GNUmakefile compliant one

- adapted top Makefile and GNUmakefile to compile shared w/ GNUmakefile

- brought in Config to module g5das

- note gAdas-1_5beta1p1 is no good



26Mar2005, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5beta1


- updated GSI and NCEPSHRD to fvdas-1_5beta3p3

   (fvgsi-1_0alpha10) Mar 05 version



22Mar2005, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5alpha2p2


- updated GCM to geos_agcm-5_0beta04; plus GCMPROG.rc

  + changes to core; real tag was todling-g5gcm-1

- merged w/ gAdas-1_5alpha1-ops1

- minor (further) fixes in fvsetup

- updated obsys-nccs.rc

- modified fvsetup to setup fcst w/ GCMPROG.rc

- updated adding two sats to the list



18Jan2005, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5alpha1


- lots of changes related to 5-fcst scripting

- model output is now hdf-ready

- 72-level model

- merges w/ shared/ and fvssi/ that are Altix compliant



23Dec2004, Todling, CVS Tag: gAdas-1_5alpha0


- updated g5gcm to tag: geos_agcm-5_0beta03 (except for GNUMakefile)

- building from baselibs v1_8r1p

- updated mpt lib version to (this could be an issue w/ fvdas-1_5)

- this is a merge of g5gcm w/ all else tag: fvdas-1_5beta2



05Nov2004, Todling, CVS Tag: g5das-1_0alpha0


- Initial tag for preliminary version of GEOS-5 DAS.

  This began from fvdas-1_5beta1 and GOES-5 GCM geos_agcm-5_0beta02



10Oct2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha12p1 = tag: fvdas-1_5beta1


- added T170L64 (l64y192) configuration to fvsetup for GSI

- added procedure to interpolate between diff resolutions of dyn-like files

  (extended options of dyn2dyn.x)

- renamed eta2bin.x to dyn2drs.x (to avoid confusion: both d_rst and dyn-like

  file are in actuality lcv-type files - more general than eta)

- created procedure to convert d_rst to dyn-like file:  drs2dyn.x

- Altix compilation under baselibs v1_5r4

- Bug fix: analyzer did not have correct sfc filename when doing asynoptic case

- Added hooks to allow activation of OIQC in DAS mode

- added module m_phytrj in fvgcm/phys to accommodate for physics trajectory

- added singular vector capability: To triger this capability following these:

- added fix to rh in fvgcm/phys/rh_limit: wtan-sphu-1


  1) dyn-trajectory:

   1a) edit fcst/ccmrun.namelist to define dyn-trajectory filenames via prog2dnm variable

   1b) set ndout desired frequency of dyn-trajectory

  2) copy fvsvec.x (from independent FVGCM build) into run directory of full-resolution forecast

  3) trajectory resolution and physics trajectory:

     3a) copy dyn2dyn.rc (from etc of current build) into fcst

     3b) edit dyn2dyn.rc and make sure resolutions are set to desired values as well as

         parameters related to phys trajectory

  4) namelists and resources for svec program:

     4a) properly prepare(*) a ccmrun.namelist for fvsvec.x purposes

     4b) place file from (4a) into fcst directory with name fvsvec.ccmrun.namelist

     4b) place fvsvec.rc into fcst directory

  5) The horizontal interpolation routine needs lwi; you can provide this by naming

     a p_rst file at the resolution of the final trajectory as: expid.lwi.072x046.bin, for

     example for a 4x5 trajectory case, and have this file placed under the fcst directory.

  6) To activate the physics trajectory generation you need to copy the dyn2dyn.rc file

     on to a file named "vdc2vdc.rc"; make sure the options in this file related to the

     physics trajectory are properly set.

  (*) in setting up a proper ccmrun namelist for svec purposes remember these:

      a) parameter JOB should be set to expname of full-resolution forecast

      b) trajectory filenames should have proper tamplates

      c) trajectory frequencies should be properly defined



06sep2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha12


- Merge with fvchem-1_0beta12; tested for zero diff OK when using nq=2

                               tested done only on the compaq (taken as satisfactory)


- In this build the GCM is configured as pure MPI on the SGI's (need testing

  for overall impact on runtime).


- Version of BASELIBS to use for this release:  v1_5r2



02sep2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha11p3


- BASELIBS-ready DAS: The DAS now builds off baselibs

   on our GSFC machines these are found under: /share/ESMA/baselibs/ARCH

   where ARCH=OSF1,IRIX64 ...


- Before configuring and exporting this version user needs to do:

     setenv BASEDIR /share/ESMA/baselibs/...


     make export BASEDIR=$BASEDIR

  note: both env setting and BASEDIR parameters are required.


- This version also includes the OIQC in PAQC; slightly modified

  version from developer's tag: chekd_newlibs


- Bug fix to negative analysis sphu (and consequent crazy rh); note

  that rh can still be considerably large



15Jul2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha11


- GSI-module updated to fvgsi-1_0alpha7p2 (with GSI equiv to ncep-gsi-2004_06)

- moved w3, bfr, and sp libs outside fvssi - they now sit on ncepshrd

- changes to fvsetup to accommodate fvchem and Linux env



19Mar2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha10


- GSI updated to fvgsi-1_0alpha5 (as per NCEP updates of 07Apr2004)

- small changes in fvsetup



31Mar2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha9


- bug fix in transf blending

- latest update from NCEP's GSI: gmao-gsi-1_1

- turned off precip assimilation by editing lnlist in shared/etc



17Mar2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha8


- major bug fix in fvssi/transf/m_xform



24Feb2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha7


- updated GSI to 1st unified version gmao-gsi-1_0unified



10Feb2004, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha6


- Asynoptic OmF implementation: mild changes in fvgcm;

   changes in fvpsas and fvsetup  (zero diff when not

   invoking asynoptic capability).

- A couple of fixes and additions to etc/

- Wei Gu's modifications to bkgecov (rt-bkgecov-1)



15Jan2004, Todling, CVS Tag(pushed): fvdas-1_5alpha5


- Syncronized w/ fvdas-1_4r2m1 (as it's tag been pushed today)

- Bug fix in analyzer related to ss2fv/eta_out.hdf



05Dec2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha5


- directories: paqc; fvgcm; iret; fvsys; and shared in sync w/ fvdas-1_4r2m1

- all dirs inside fvssi/fvanalysis are from tag rt-fvgsi-1


                            IMPORTANT NOTE


  From this point all all DAS tag's w/ SSI must have -ssi- in them;

  regular tagging such as fvdas-1_5omegaX will be referring to GSI builds.



18Nov2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha4


- updated common source codes (between PSAS-based

  and SSI-based DAS') to rt-fvdas-1_4r2p1_1 which

  is almost fvdas-1_4r2p2

- some changes in fvssi/tranf (related to rst)

- this version run on Halem just fine. However,

  it does not scale: a 32 and a 96 pe runs have the

  ssi.x program run in 8min (both).

- implemented split executation capability.

  NOTES:1- This is only reproducible when the equivalent non-split version

           runs w/ the ccmrun.namelist parameter IRADAE set to -anafreq where

           anafreq is the frequency of the analysis (currently 3, for 3hr freq);

        2- The split version takes longer to run a single day of assimilation:

           for 32 pe's on Jimpf, a single day of non-split takes about 1hr of

           walltime; the corresponding split version takes about 1:15hr.



29Sep2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha3


- updated all applicable subcomponents to fvdas-1_4r2p1

- fvssi: halem-ready

- fvsys: changed fvsetup for halem compatibility

         ssi.rc.sample: turned off rad+pcp diagnostics



05Sep2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha2


- Added paqc (need reblock for bufr files on Halem)

- This version is almost Halem-ready



11Aug2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_5alpha1


- First TAG of SSI-based fvdas. This has been built

  from fvdas-1_4alpha11, except for the contents of

  fvanalysis. This has been tested to a certain

  extent. It cycles properly, but it has issues.

  A related and relevant tag is: rt-f15-f14b10p1-0

- This version compiles on Halem, but nothing is yet

  known about how it runs.



08Aug2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4alpha11


- updates from fvdas-1_4beta10, except when it comes to model

- updated fvgcm to fvgcm-1_3r5p1

   (plus 2 additional diags in wrtdiagrc and O3 on)

- fvanalysis and fvsys updated to support new

  3-hourly tskin analysis

- activated reduced PSAS

- increased DAOTOVS retrievals resolution to 2x2.5

- NOTE: This is an alpha tag because of the know bug

        in the Tskin SBC; currently the SBC is turned

        off by default; it works for the full upper-air

        analysis (softwarewise), but not for the Tskin




01Jul2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta10

>>>>  NOTE: There are known problems w/ this tag


- added O3 as part of the state vector

- added modifications from dee-sbc-XXX-00 to implement

  full bias correction capability (XXX=ana;fvsys;hermes)

- fvgcm updated to: jrad-v1_4beta7-clm2-01



01Jul2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta9


- fvgcm: updated to tag: fvgcm-1_3r5

- shared: mfhdf3 updated to tag: jrad-v1_4beta7-clm2-01

- fvsys: fvsetup, Makefile, fvsetup-backend, and fvpsas

         merged w/ tag: jrad-v1_4beta7-clm2-01

- src/Makefile updated to tag: jrad-v1_4beta7-clm2-01



30Jun2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4r1p1


- fixes for fvsetup

- CR-1043: changed daotovs_base.rc per Joanna J.

- bug fix in sbc.f to cope w/ RUC

- bug fix in daotovs script to allow handling RUC

- psas.rc:

   o fixed var names relatated to reduced psas capability

   o tightened CG levs 1 and 2 parameters

- shared/ods/m_ods       changed to avoid recurring error on Halem

- fvanalysis/obs/m_simul changed to avoid recurring error on Halem

- thinner improvements/shadowing changes: updated files

  Makefile Makefile.depend m_thin2.f m_thin.f

  to tag meta_thin_obstime_02

- removed -g flag from iret/postproc/Makefile


- iret/postproc: fixed handling of nsyn for RUC

- fvsetup: changed made to look for *hdf files for O3 and SST on Halem



30May2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4r1


To following Ron Gelaro's plans:

- Deactivated reduced-PSAS (psas.rc)

- Removed relaxation of obs thinning (obs.rc)

- Using ML-psas.rc from R. Yang



27May2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta8


- Merged all the way with fvdas-1_3r7-m3 (included)

- Starting tag: rt-f14b7-ruc-1

- ana.rc: increased number of analysis levs (per A. da Silva)

  TESTED: ~todling/f14b7c_h10

- psas.rc: o rev2c wind-mass balance (per A. da Silva)

           o tightened up lev 2 CG parameters per J. Guo

           o activated reduced-PSAS

  TESTED: ~todling/f14b7c_h10

- SQC: o Fixed parametes controlling bkg-check and buddy check

         TESTED: ~todling/f14b7c_h10 for nstar 20

      o Further enhancements: upgrade m_sqc.f90 and sqc.rc

        to "tag new_buddy_chk1_4" (CR-996)

      o CR-942: changes above are a superset of those in this CR

      o PR-983: unbalanced zeit call in SQC when called w/o wind data


- fvgcm/util/wrtdiag.rc: fixed TSKIN instantaneous output

- obs.rc: CTW fix (400-700mb) and relaxing some obs thinning

  TESTED: ~todling/f14b7c_h10

- m_tovs.f90: fix to allow analyzing NESDIS TOVS

- Includes following skin-temperature analysis fixes:

   o CR-968

   o Plus minor fixes added before that by A. da Silva

- PR-965: GFIOEOS unitialized character string causes metadata problem in HDF files

- CR-981: Updates to fv2prs for altitude, documentation, false errors, and COMPAQ

          o this includes PR-979: logical variables in m_interp.F90 fixed

- CR-897: fvarchive fails when EXPID contains a "+"

- Added monthly-mean perl script as per PR-958; modified location of perl

- PR-960: fvconvert update for grib analysis files and 18z FLK

- ODS: merged w/ fvdas-1_3r7-m6/ODS-2_18r5 (w/ additions/mods)

       (this accommodates PR-955)

       (odsmeta as per CR-966)

- IRET: merged tag rt-f14b7-ruc-1 with iret_rel_3_14_beta5

      o Updated grid program that allows for equal area grid starting latitude to

        be adjusted. The new value in the daotovs_base.rc is 70 degrees as compared

        with the original 45. This allows more retrievals into the system at higher


      o Move the first retrieval level in overcast/rain/failed-cloud-clearing to

        250 mb (from 100 mb) over ice and land (in daotovs_base.rc).

      o Allow more retrievals over ice down to the surface.

      o NOAA-17 capability using NOAA-16 coefficients.

      o Fix to allow more raob data into tuning (also in latest 1.3 patch)

      o Merged operational and other changes in daotovs_base.rc and get_tovs

- CR-969: updated obsys-nccs.rc to fvdas-1_3r7-m6

- CR-940: Eta/Beta diag fields added



09Apr2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta7


- As in fvdas-1_4beta6p2, but w/ the following Halem-ready addition:

    o fvgcm (rt-fvdas-halem-2)



09Apr2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta6p2


- As in fvdas-1_4beta6p1, but w/ the following Halem-ready additions:

    o iret (rt-fvdas-halem-2)

    o fvsys (rt-fvdas-halem-2)



25Feb2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta6p1


- The following components are Halem ready:

    o shared

    o paqc

    o fvanalysis (PSAS still has crashing issues)

- PR-837: GFIO Inquire getbegdate problem fixed

- PR-891: Duplication of tick removed

- CR-770: No obs fix for m_anats.f90

- CR-907: Added GADS data as passive; obs.rc changed

- CR-922: Updated get_tovs script (iret/scripts)

- CR-931: Removed kx=114 (red listed)

- bug fix in ods_maker (related to -t/-f optional flag)

- fvsetup sunrise fix (tmpdir)

- Ramp increment to zero above 300hPa in tpw analysis

- Tom Clune/Samson Cheung's fix to Hybrid PSAS for SGI



06Feb2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta6 (tagged,untested)


- Upgraded 1_4beta5 PSAS to work on Halem (hybrid) and SGI (hybrid)

  (as in rt-fvana-halem-hyb01)

- Shared upgraded to work on Halem (as in rt-fvana-halem-hyb01)

- iret   upgraded to work on Halem (as in rt-fvdas-halem-1c)

- paqc   upgraded to work on Halem (as in rt-fvdas-halem-1c)

- fvsetup upgraded to rt-fvana-halem-hyb01 (partially works on Halem)



08Jan2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta5 (tagged,untested)


- Replaced PSAS with reduced-PSAS-ready version

  NOTE: This has the psas.rc.sample set to exercise the reduced

        capability of PSAS - configured according to conclusions

        from experiments done by B. Zhang.

  Bug# 904

  Fixed fvInput path per tag: yeh_psas_01

- src/fvsys/:

  o fvconvert: to handle empty fields in the fvconvert.rc

    dev tag: GEOS_4_0_1_OPS_p05, Bug# 824

  o fvpsas: check all synoptic times in tovs data

    dev tag: GEOS_4_0_1_OPS_p05, Bug# 850

  o ana2sfc.f90: Reset fill values in TROPP, TROPT, and TROPQ

    dev tag: GEOS_4_0_1_OPS_p05, Bug# 774

  o fvsetup: Set the default input data path to /share/fvdas/fvInput/;

    enable to choose FVINPUT; mpi/omp rearrangement. tag: yeh_fvsetup_13

  o Files fvsetup-gui, fvsetup-crt, and fvsetup-backend updated for new fvsetup. tag: yoon_fvsetup_19

- src/iret/scripts:

  Updated the fvInput path for files daotovs_fv.rc, daotovs_geos.rc, and

  daotovs_sau.rc tag: yeh_daotovs_01



02Jan2003, Todling, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta4


- NOTE: All references to fvdas-1_4beta4 should be neglected.



07Oct2002, da Silva, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta3 (tagged,untested)


- Introduced use of T2m in Ts analysis + major revision of skin temperature

  analysis to eliminate cold spots near costlines. The following files

  have been modified:

     obs/:  sqc.rc

     ana/:  ana.f, ana.rc, m_anats.f (Note: -skipObs is lost in ana.x)

     ods/:  m_roms.f90

  dev tag: jrad-anats-04, BUG #798

- shared/etc: fixed Makefile to avoid recompiling zeit each time BUG #685

- paqc/block-unblock: minor mod for OSF1 dev tag: meta_alphafix_01, BUG #782

- shared/: updated several Makefile.conf.IRIX [dev tag:  rt-fvana-hydro-01,

  BUG #783]

- ana/: updated several Makefile.conf.IRIX [dev tag:  rt-fvana-hydro-01,

  BUG #784]

- psas/: fixed geostrophic increment bug [dev tag: psas-rd5bp1-fv14b2,

  BUG #761]



19Sep2002, dasilva, E. Yeh, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta2 (tagged, unstable)


- src/:

  o configure: changed scsl version to

  o fvdas_build.j loaded module with scsl version tag: yeh_config_02

- src/fvgcm/: See src/fvgcm/CHANGES for detail.

  dev tag: fvgcm-1_3_64, Bug# 748

- src/fvgcm/misc/diagout.F90 to fix the 3D diag file all zero bug.

  dev tag: fvgcm-1_3r4, Bug# 755

- src/iret/

  o Changed tuneproc/m_tuning_vars.f90 and tuneproc/m_read_old_tuning.f90 to

    set initial value to zero and del/restart the creation of new tuning files

  o Added NOAA-17 to file radtrans/m_bt_drv_var.f90.

  o Changed scripts/daotovs_base.rc for NOAA-17 preprocessing. tag: dfrank_iret_01

  o Modified scripts/get_tovs to fix extraneous leading space in TOVS_RADIANCE_DIR

    creation; modified gzip and added log name. tag: owens_gettovs_03

- src/shared/etc/

  o acquire: to set the default spool directory tag: yeh_acquire_02

  o acquire_obsys: 1) return with warning if no records found for a given class

                   2) set the standard name after the old observing system file name

                   3) removed look ahead date calculation from subroutine mk_date tag: yeh_obsys_06

  o Modified perl path to @DASPERL for files fvgetf tag: yeh_fvgetf_01,

  o require_obsys: Modified perl path to @DASPERL and allowed records in obsys.rc

    with no machine name defined tag: yeh_obsys_07.

  o Added two remote utilities: rput and rget dev tag: yeh_rutil_01, Bug# 739

  o Updated (can do the remote delete) and (changed the

    logic to check "defined and exists" to "exists"). tag: owens_pm_01

  o Introduced obsys-nas.rc tag: yeh_obsys-nas_01 and

    obsys-nccs.rc tag: yeh_obsys-nccs_01.

  o Updated the Makefile tag: yeh_make_02

- src/fvsys/

  o Modified fvpsas to add env variable spool and SYNCHECK. tag: owens_fvpsas_04

  o Set RADCOR = 0 in fvsetup dev tag: fvgcm-1_3r4, yeh_fvsetup_08, Bug# 763

  o Modified fv2prs.f90, fv2prs.rc, and fv2prs.lcv.rc to add a new column in

    the transition tables tag: yin_17

  o Modified fvana to enclude standardName option for $upaf tag: yeh_fvana_02

  o Modified perl path to @DASPERL for files fcst_convert, fvconvert, and fvsavecf tag yeh_perl_01

  o Added new files: fvsetup-crt, fvsetup-gui, and fvsetup-backend

  o Updated the Makefile tag: yoon_fvsetup_10

- Modified ODS defined in file src/fvanalysis/ana/ana.rc for standardNames tag: yeh_ana_03

- Updated src/shared/hermes/m_interp.F90 for the 2-D interpolation tag: yin_14



25July2002, dasilva, E. Yeh, CVS Tag: fvdas-1_4beta1 (untagged, untested)


- shared/ods: added ods_maker, odsselect, Makefile update, small mod to m_ods

  dev tag: dasilva-mpipsas-01, based on fvdRT-1_3beta15_mpi1, BUG #679

- shared/mpeu: major update for MPI/PSAS, added ExecResolv to m_FileResolv.F

  dev tag: dasilva-mpipsas-01, based on fvdRT-1_3beta15_mpi1, BUG #679

- shared/gfio: minor update for MPI/PSAS

  dev tag: dasilva-mpipsas-01, based on fvdRT-1_3beta15_mpi1, BUG #679

- fvsys/fvsetup: several mods for MPI/PSAS

  o removed obsolete psas rc files

  o changed MPI/OMP environment variables

- fvanalysis/ana: moved solve.x to psas/; no longer buolds chisq.x by default

- src/configure and fvdas_build.j: module to include scsl. tag: yeh_config_01



23July2002, E. Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta18 | fvdas-1_3r6 (tagged, tested)


- src/fvanalysis/obs/m_obs.f90 Removed level check from lat/lon bounding

  check tag: yeh_m_obs_01



19July2002, E. Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3r5 (tagged, tested)


- Upated src/iret/scripts/daotovs_base.rc for tunning channels modifications tag: owens_base_01



27June2002, E. Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta17|fvdas-1_3r4 (tagged, tested)


- Updated following src/iret/ files to improve performance and

  turn off optran:

  1) l1bproc/m_colocate_raw_sub.f90

  2) preproc/interp_sim_input.f90

  3) preproc/m_create_fg_oms.f90

  4) scripts/daotovs

  5) scripts/daotovs_base.rc

  6) tuneproc/m_filter_bad_sondes.f90

  7) tuneproc/m_print_stat_tune.f90

  8) tuneproc/m_tuning_vars.f90 tag: iret_rel_3_14_b2

- updated src/shared/etc/obsys.rc for restructuring, renaming tag: fvdas-1_4beta1

- updated ODS defined in src/fvanalysis/ana/ana.rc for new obsys.rc tag: yeh_ana_01

- modified src/shared/hermes/m_interp.F90 to interpolate boundary

  points tag: yin_13

- updated src/fvsys/

  (1) fvsetup:

      - enable to find proper FVBCS and commented out

        memory requirement.[dev tag: yeh_fvsetup_04, Bug#478]

      - made a short form of lsm.namelist for fcst directory tag: yeh_fvsetup_05

  (2) fvpsas:

      - Added logic to select fvpsas.x tag: fvdas-1_4beta1

      - Removed $EXPID.lsm_hst and $EXPID.lsm.rpointer to be copied tag: owens_fvpsas_02

  (3) fv2prs.f90: Corrected V-wind variable name tag: yin_15

                  Checked in -levels option tag: yin_16



10Jun2002, E. Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta16 (tagged, tested)


- src/fvgcm/: See src/fvgcm/CHANGES for detail.

  dev tag: fvgcm-1_3_34, Bug# 688

- Updated src/shared/mpeu/m_FileResolv.f90 to handle unzip files tag: owens_gz_02

- src/fvsys/fv2prs.f90 and fv2prs.rc modified for time interpolation related

  issue tag: yin_14

- Updated src/shared/gfioeos/GFIO_GetVarT.f to handle missing data. tag: yin_03

- Updated src/iret/scripts/get_tovs to fix bug in ftp_once and add mkpath

  for TOVS_WORK_DIR. tag: owens_gettovs_02



28May2002, E. Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta15|fvdas-1_3r3 (tagged, unstable)


- src/fvgcm/ See src/fvgcm/CHANGES for detail. dev tag: fvgcm-1_3_27, Bug# 642

  and dev tag: fvgcm-1_3r3p1, Bug# 671

- Updated the following Makefile.conf* files:

  fvanalysis/ana/Makefile.conf.Linux and Makefile.conf.Linux.LF95

  fvanalysis/obs/Makefile.conf.Linux and Makefile.conf.Linux.LF95

  fvanalysis/psas/Makefile.conf.Linux, Makefile.conf.Linux.FFC,

  Makefile.conf.Linux.LF95, and Makefile.conf.Linux.PGI

  fvanalysis/sana/Makefile.conf.Linux and Makefile.conf.Linux.LF95


  1) The modules paqc/ and iret/ are yet to be ported to Linux; fvgcm/ is known to

     work with LF95 but I have not test it recently.

  2) When building FVANA on Linux with tag fvdas-1_3beta15, remember to update the

     psas/ directory to a non-taft version of psas. After checkout, do this:

     cd fvanalysis/psas

     cvs update -r dao-pasas-05

  3) The PGI f90 compiler is still supported but it is no longer the default.

     Currently there are Makefile.conf.Linux.PGI throughout. I mechanism for

     configuring Linux compilers will be implemented sometime soon; in the meantime

     consult me if you must use PGI.

  4) Remember that big->little endian convertion is done at run time with LF95.


  Arlindo dev tag: arlindo_make_01, Bug# 670

- src/iret/

  (1) Updated to output zeit messages tag: iret_rel_3_14_b1

  (2) Updated l1bproc/colocate_rawin.f90 to get rawinsonde fname from the

      resource file tag: iret_rel_3_14_b1_2

  (3) Updated scripts/daotovs and daotovs_base.rc for shorter zeit process names

      and define rawin format tag: iret_rel_3_14_b1_2

- src/fvsys/

  (1) Makefile:

      - Updated to include libmisc.a for libgcm.a tag: fvgcm-1_3beta18

      - Proper perl path dev tag: yeh_make_01, Bug# 675

  (2) m_fvpsas.F90   deleted scattering for phis and hs_stdv;

      moved call mp_barrier() inside #if defined tag: jchern_scatter_01

  (3) fvsetup:

      - Renamed psas_qc.rc as sqc.rc dev tag: dee-obs-01, Bug# 648

      - Added zeit and bkg.sfc related statements; Addjusted for diag.rc tag: yeh_zeit_01

      - Included the minutes to the naming template of three hours output.

        dev tag: yeh_minute_01, Bug# 667

      - Added module scsl. tag: fvdRT-1_3beta15_mpi1

      - Added LSM files outputs tag: yeh_fvsetup_03

  (4) fvana:

      - Added zeit calls for fvpsas and fvana dev tag: yeh_zeit_01, Bug# 663

      - Modified logic to define $upaf tag: yeh_fvana_01

  (5) Updated fvarchive to handle return code tag: tommy-rtn-01

  (6) Updated fv2prs.f90, fv2prs.rc, and fv2prs.lcv.rc to handle vertical

      orientation and variable name/description pairs.

      dev tag: yin_12, Bug# 662

  (7) Updated fv2prs.rc to define class for variables RAINCON RAINLSP

      LWGDOWN LWGUP LAI DTG tag: yin_13

  (8) New files: fcst_fv2prs.rc and fcst_fv2prs.lcv.rc tag: tommy_fcst_fv2prs_01

  (9) Updated fcst_convert tag: tommy_fcst_convert_01

- src/shared/

  (1) Multi-file HDF (mfhdf) library part of HDF v4.x

      dev tag: dasilva-mfhdf3-01, Bug# 598

  (2) mfhdf3/: Multi-file HDF (mfhdf) library part of HDF v4.x

              dev tag: zaslavsky-mfhdf3-02, Bug# 598

  (3) mpeu/: Updated file m_zeit.F90 dev tag: rob-zeit-01, Bug# 638

  (4) etc/:

      - Updated files: Makefile m_zeits.F90 zeit.README zeit_ci.f zeit_co.f

        zeit_jday.f zeit_pr.f zeit_read.f zeit_summary.f

        dev tag: rob-zeit-01, Bug#638

      - Updated Makefile to include proper perl path dev tag: yeh_make_01, Bug# 675

      - Updated pasta.c to support the minute time tag

        dev tag: yeh_minute_01, Bug# 667

      - Updated pesto to better handle the return code and support

        the minute time tag. dev tag: tommy-rtn-01, Bug# 667

      - Updated r_dist to correct the output statement

        dev tag: tommy-ops-mods_3, Bug# 664

  (5) ods/:

      - Added new functionality to m_ods.f90, m_ods_structure.f,

        and m_odsmeta.f dev tag: dee-m_ods-01, Bug# 630;

        m_odsmeta.f dev tag: dee-obs-02, Bug# 668

      - Files updated: m_mraob.f90 ods_mraob.f ut_mraob.f90

        dev tag: lucchesi-oms-02, Bug#573

  (6) Updated hermes/m_interp.F90 for FILL values dev tag: yin_12, Bug# 662

  (7) gfioeos/: six files updated

      GFIO_GetRealAtt.f GFIO_GetVar.f GFIO_Inquire.f GFIO_Open.f gfio_test.F gfioutil.f tag: yin_02

- src/fvanalysis/:

  (1) Updated statistical quality control package dev tag: dee-obs-01, Bug# 648

  (2) psas/conjgr.f Added conjugate gradient cost function diagnostic.

      dev tag: fv13r2-cgcost, Bug# 603

  (3) Updated psas/eagrid.rc.sample, psas.rc.sample, and superobs.rc.sample

      for new KX numbers dev tag: EUR_HWW_KX_add, Bug# 556

  (4) Modified psas/conjgr1.f to initialize ierr=0 tag: yeh_error_01

  (5) Updated obs/

      - m_thin2.f to reset for proper NSIZE and output format.

        dev tag: meta_midobs_01, Bug# 659

      - Makefile, m_obs.f90, m_simul.f90, m_tovs.f90, obs.f, obs.rc, sqc.rc,

        and m_raob.f90: modifications for layer-mean virtual temperature

        dev tag: dee-obs-02, Bug# 668

      - obs.f: option to display usage tag: dee_obs_01

- src/paqc/radcor/fvcqc: Added zeit calls tag: yeh_zeit_01

- Added new file src/Configure tag: arlindo_Conf_01

- Removed flag -DLSMH_off from src/fvgcm/cf/Make.macros.IRIX64

  dev tag: yeh_lsm_01, Bug# 676



27Mar2002, E. Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta14 (tagged, tested)


- src/shared/etc/:

  (1) obsys.rc: updated classes conv_tovs, ers2, qscat, upabufr; removed obclass

                sonde_hirs; added obclass offline_ozone; added standard name for

                each obclass

  (2) acquire_obsys and require_obsys: enable standard name output

      dev tag: yeh_obsys_05, Bug# 468

  (3) r_dist: able TO SPECIFY LOG file location tag: tommy-ops-mods_2

  (4) and added support for user specified error/event

      logs and joined logs tag: tommy-Err_Log_01

- src/paqc/radcor/fvcqc: Added hash table with error explanations. Removed

  extra bitwise shift for PREPDATA rc. Corrected the logic to define $radt

  dev tag: yeh_radcor_01, Bug# 464

- Updated src/iret/ to fix reproducibility problem and thinning at poles,

  nobs_index in level 2. dev tag: iret_rel_3_12, Bugs#: 557, 570, 571

- Updated src/iret/POSTPROC/M_GRID_vars.f90 and m_sort2_daotovs.f90 to give

  unique ks number to prevent convergence problem.

  dev tag: iret_rel_3_14, Bug# 583

- src/fvanalysis/psas:

  (1) m_intpAP.f90: Resolved data across the international dateline problem.

      dev tag: interp_patch; Bug# 473

  (2) m_ob_Attributes.f90, m_Partitioner.f90 and setpix.f: Allowed getAI() to use

      an internal sounding-index definition. dev tag: fv13b14-chkpix; Bug# 584

- src/fvanalysis/ana/:

  (1) m_ana.f90: Mixing ratio sigF tapered to zero above 100hPa

      dev tag: dee-tpwfix-02, Bug# 482

  (2) m_anats.f90: Updated to remove an unnecessary duplication elimination,

      and introduced Superob in Surface Analysis.

      dev tag: dasilva-anats-05, Bug# 517

- src/fvsys/fvsetup:

  (1) Changed .T. to $diag3D for CMFDTR,KVH,KVM,ZMDU Bug# 469

  (2) Added "limit coredumpsize 0" for output scripts

  (3) Added CO2F=.true. to ccmrun.namelist script Bug# 476

  (4) Modified so that fvarchive.j will support the usage of date option Bug# 22

  (5) Got default obsclass from all classes defined in obsys.rc tag: yeh_fvsetup_02

- src/fvsys/

  (1) fvana: Corrected the logic to define $radcor

      dev tag: yeh_radcor_0, Bug# 460

  (2) fvarchive: Defined string with double quotes, more message output

      dev tag: tommy_fvarchive_02; Bug# 477

  (3) m_fvpsas.F90: Fixed PHIS gathering problem

      dev tag: jchern-gather-01; Bug# 493

  (4) ana2sfc.f90: Resolved the output (-o option) problem

      dev tag: tommy-ana2sfc_01, Bug# 465

  (5) fv2prs.f90: Added DTRAIN and case sensitive; updated command line

      options tag: yin_10

- Added remapping utility for offline remapping by CTMs

  src/shared/hermes/Makefile and m_remap.f90

  dev tag: dasilva-remap-01, Bug# 487

- src/shared/ods/:

  (1) Implemented Observation Metadata Streams for RAOBS. The following files

      affected:  updated: Makefile;

      new: m_mraob.f90, m_mxxxx.f90, ods_mraob.f, ods_tally.f90, and ut_mraob.f90.

      dev tag: dasilva-oms-03, Bug# 505

  (2) m_ods.f90: Activated "time-windowing" for ODS_MaskOut

      dev tag: meta_timewindow, Bug# 463

  (3) m_odsmeta.f: Introduced a new history flag H_BEAUFORT for Beaufort

      corrected winds dev tag: dasilva-beaufort-01, Bug# 516 .

  (4) Fixed time index bug in m_roms.f90 (may explain outputs from 16 and 32

      processors).  The following files modified: m_mraob.f90, m_odsmeta.f,

      m_roms.f90, ods_tally.f90, ut_roms.f. dev tag: dasilva-roms-02, Bug# 537

- Integrated gfioeos module into src/shared/. dev tag:yin_01, Bug# 555

- Updated src/fvgcm/configure to get the correct hostname.

  dev tag: yeh_configure_01, Bug# 19



12Mar2002, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta12 (untagged, untested)


- daotovs: increased drawing to radiances GEOS-5 DAS revision history



15Feb2002, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3r2 (tagged, tested)


- Open issue: forecast frequency cannot be set to values other than 0 or 1

- Fixed small bug in fvccm3.F (constant was being passed to tick) tag: nebuda_fcst_01

- Fixed tagging of forecast files in fvsys/fvpsas GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- Updated fvsys/fvarchive to allow date specification tag: tommy_fvarchive_01

- Fixed bug in fvanalysis/obs/m_duplicate.f: previous version did not remove

  all possible duplicates; current version finds all duplicates in each of

  of the 80 regions.

- Updated obs/obs.rc: no DAOTOVS moisture below 500 hPa

- Updated psas/psas.rc.sample: decreased errors of H TOVS; decreased

  Q TOVS errors below 500 hPa, increased it above 500 hPa; slightly

  decreased SSMI TPW erros.



06Feb2002, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta11 (tagged, untested)


- fvsys/fvsetup: removed GO TOs, bug fix in get_GID tag: yeh_obsys_04

- Updates to fvgcm/

  (1) changed all fvccm/FVCCM to fvgcm/FVGCM inside the fvgcm, fvsys,

      shared/hermes, and share/cptec_eta.

  (2) changed main program fvccm3.F to fvgcm.F, the new executable

      is called fvgcm.x

  (3) used cpp macro to seperate pure model run from DAS shared library.

      By default the model is run without shared library. You can use

      configure -use_shared to change the default.

  (4) removed hard numbers (55) in call GFIO_PutVar argument in refout.F90

  (5) Updated README, QuickStart, and TUTORIAL (BWS).

  (6) bug fix for phys/m_diagsfc.F

  (7) This is the version sent to Filippo Giorgi, Physics of Weather and

      Climate Section, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical

      Physics, 34100 Trieste, ITALY. tag: fvgcm-1_3r1

- src/Makefile: changed fvccm/FVCCM to fvgcm/FVGCM and added configure

  -use_shared tag: chern_01

- Fixed bugs in fvgcm/phys/tropopause, adjustments in fvsys/ana2sfc.F



31Jan2002, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta10 (tagged, untested)


- Updated fvgcm/, including:

  (1) bug fix for util/rst_date.F, drvs/setup.F, and refout.F90

  (2) added more diagnostics for tskin (surface skin temperature),

      emsfc(surface emissivity), and trad (surface brightness temperature).

  (3) redesign dycore structure, is now more similar to that in cam1

  (4) use Bill Putman's mpi2 implementation.

  (5) default script for fvgcm is runing OpenMP and MPI2 hybrid mode.

  (6) need module mpt. for MPI2

  (7) 2D decomposition for mod_comm.

  (8) F90 freeform (.F90) for files in misc, pilgrim, and fvcore. tag: fvgcm-1_3beta9

- Update fvsys/:

  (1) Makefile: bug fix

  (2) fvpsas: added mpirun

  (3) fvsetup: added mpt module and new diagnostics; fix environment

      variables for forecasting mode.

  (4) m_fvpsas.F90: changes related to 2d decomposition of mod_comm. tag: fvgcm-1_3beta9

- Updated src/configure: added mpt module tag: chern_01

- Updated src/fvdas_build.j: added mpt module and changed fvccm to fvgcm tag: chern_01

- Put Makefile, CHANGES, TESTS, configure and fvdas_build.j on branch

   GEOS_2_9_CORE_DEV_BRANCH (at last)

- Added shared/perlib tag: rob-shared-Net

- Updated tovs_l1c in src/shared/etc/obsys.rc tag: yeh_obsys_04

- Updated test results in TESTS tag: yeh_tests_01; then moved


- Updated src/fvsys/fvpsas: Introduced new option -log and clean

  abnormal.log before create them tag: owens_fvpsas_01;

  merged these with tag: fvgcm-1_3beta9 which had overwritten

  Tommy's mods.

- Introduced dyndiff in shared/hermes tag: yeh_dyndiff_01

- Removed fvgcm/make.j from repository (this file is automatically generated)

- Added MPEU to fvdas/Makefile for target fvpsas.x GEOS-5 DAS revision history



28Jan2002, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta9 (tagged, untested)


- Updated fvccm/ with bug fixes and additional diagnostics:

    fvccm3.F: enable moistdrv

    drvs/moistdrv.F: bug fix

    misc/diagout.F: bug fix

    phys/buoyan.F: bug fix

    phys/comcon.h: remove t0(plev)

    diag.tbl: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, bma, gwet and gwet1

    drvs/physdrv.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, bma, gwet and gwet1

    lsm/lsm.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, gwet and gwet1

    lsm/lsmdrv.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, gwet and gwet1

    lsm/lsmmain.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, gwet and gwet1

    lsm/surphy.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd

    misc/diag.h: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, bma, gwet and gwet1

    misc/diaginit.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd, bma, gwet and gwet1

    phys/ccmoce.F: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd

    phys/comsrf.h: added diagnostics z0m, z0h, zpd

    phys/ocez0.F: compute z0m and z0h over ocean and seaice

    phys/diagbma.F: compute bulk moisture availability (bma) from

                    surface latent and sensisble heat fluxes

    phys/m_diagsfc.F: compute near surface properties for ana2sfc tag: fvgcm-1_3beta8

- Updated shared/hermes

    shared/hermes/Makefile: added m_qsat.F

    shared/hermes/m_qsat.F: compute saturation specific humidity

    shared/hermes/m_ana2dyn.F: used m_qsat instead of m_insitu

    shared/hermes/m_insitu.F: gestbl and vqsat are private now tag: chern_02

- Modifications to obs.rc and to psas.rc.sample eagrid.rc.sample and

  superobs.rc.sample to account for the current KX range > 255. tag: meta_KX255

- Added Group ID dialog from Dan Kokron to fvsetup; added N_MPI seeting to

  fvfcst.j; removed ssh/scp questions GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- Fixed bug in shared/etc/Makefile: r_dist was mistakenly being overwritten

  GEOS-5 DAS revision history



23Jan2002, Yeh, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta8 (tagged, untested)


- Introduced dmget from the (on directory shared/etc/)

  Following files updated:,, acquire, r_dist tag: tommy-ops-mods_1

- Updated fvsys/fvsetup:

    o Added creation of Run_Config tag: tommy-ops-mods_2

    o Extra variables BMA, GWET, and GWET1 for diag.tbl tag: chern_01

    o Changed DVV from .F. to $diag3D. Changed $obsclass tovs_l1b to tovs_l1c.

      Removed the comment of the line with bkg.tovs_ for the creation of silo.arc.

      Removed $obClass from forecast run tag: yeh_obsys_03

- Updated fvsys/fvpsas: Changed the restart files list under $cprs option as a string tag: yeh_obsys_02

- Updated fv2prs to become case sensitive: fvsys/fv2prs.rc, fvsys/fv2prs.lcv.rc,

  fvsys/fv2prs.f90 tag: yin_08

- Updated shared/etc/obsys.rc: Renamed tovs_l1b as tovs_l1c. Updated data for obclasses

  ers2 and conv_tovs. tag: yeh_obsys_03



14Jan2002, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta7|fvdas-1_3r1 (tagged, untested)


- Introduced analysis "replay" mode: now we can run the model reading

  the analysis from a file rather than computing it GEOS-5 DAS revision history



31Dec2001, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta6 (tagged, untested)


- Mods for bias corrected Ts analysis:

    o fvanalysis/ana

    o shared/hermes: added support for bias correction in m_dyn

    o fvsys/: script hooks, introduced $FVHOME/recycle directory tag: dasilva-anats-02

- shared/hermes: fixed bug in shaving, redistribute moisture to avoid

  supersaturation and moist instability tag: chern_01

- Introduced GCM HDF output for prog and diags: changes in fvccm/ and

  fvsys/ tag: fvgcm-1_3beta6

- Fixed dpmin bug in fvsys/m_fvpsas.F90 GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- fvccm/fvccm2.F: commented out call to diaper due to non-reproducibility,



27Dec2001, Yeh/da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta5 (tagged, untested)


- Updates to shared/etc:

  Makefile: The $(CP) command will include new files. Updated export list to include a subroutine that had

                   been omitted.

  acquire: Updated (linked to; fixed bug in Look Ahead;

           support user@machine in rc file; clean spool directory) Allowed a date other than "tmid" to be specified for a mean.

  pesto: Archived files only for a specified day., lats4d, r_dist: New tag: sharedetc_ops_01

- Updates to src/svsys:

  Makefile: The $(CP) command will include new files.

  fv2prs.lcv.rc: Updated default resolution for output pressure files.

  fv2prs.rc: Updated for resolution. Added PREACC. Fixed OSR, OSRCLR.

  fvana: Merge needed for new location

  fvconvert, monthly_means.j, fcst_convert, fv2prs_fcst.lcv.rc,

  fv2prs_fcst.rc: New

  ncep_ana.tbl, ncep_diag.tbl, ncep_prog.tbl: New tag: fvsts_ops_01

- Updates to src/paqc/radcor

  fvcqc: Support for "ignore-obs/strict" mode. fvcqc_ops_01

- Enabled user to hard_check, soft_check(default), or no check observing

  system files.  Files modified:

  fvsys/fvsetup and shared/etc/require_obsys tag: yeh_obsys_02

- shared/ods: added support for reading iret OMS files (m_roms.f90) tag: dasilva-anats-01



10Dec2001, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta4 (tagged,unstable)


- Structural changes: moved fvccm/fvpsas directory to same level as fvccm/;

  removed fvanalysis/atess; removed tools GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- Updated model to version, including:

  (1) MLP/MPI version of fvccm

  (2) new gravity wave drag scheme (modified from CAM)

  (3) removed Phil Rasch's convective trigger from default and increased

      rain re-evaporation coefficient.

  (4) changes cloud fraction and effect radius for cloud liquid

  (5) added more diag and split diag

  (6) option for variation of CO2 concentration with time

  (7) option for Mark Helfand's PBL

  (8) option for parallel IO

  (9) added moist physical adjustment ("diaper") after analysis tag: fvccm-1_5_4_0

- Mods to fvccm: moved psasdrv.F90 inside m_fvpsas.F90 (.f90->.F90),

  removed putenv(); fixed nremap bug GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- Changed fvanalysis/psas/m_psas.f: renamed enviroment variables




  so as not to conflict with MLP settings for GCM GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- Minor model update tag: jchern-prec-01

    fvccm/fvccm3.F <----

added prec_das to namelist

    fvccm/cf/script.m4.tmpl <--- added prec_das to namelist

    fvccm/drvs/setup.F <----

added prec_das to namelist

    fvsys/m_fvpsas.F90 <----

added prec_das and modified prolog of fvpsas()

    Updaded fvsetup accordingly.

- changed m_ana.f90: now one can specify a "default" analysis resolution

  ("full" for a55 and b55, "half" otherwise)

- fixed distclean makefiles for directories iret/oms_scan and paqc/radcor.

  GEOS-5 DAS revision history



3Dec2001, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta3 (tagged,unstable)


- fvanalysis/ana/ana.f: fixes moisture analysis bug; now moisture O-F

  are recalculated after TPW analysis tag: dee_qbug

- Introduced raob radiation correction in paqc/ tag: radcor_01;

  modified fvseup/fvana for interfacing with radcor

- Introduced acquire_obsys, a frontend script for acquiring input

     observational data. Files modified:




     fvsetup (branch YEH_OBSYS_BRANCH)

  Files added:

    shared/etc: acquire_obsys require_obsys obsys.rc tag: yeh_obsys_01

- Update DAOTOVS: fixed problem with colocate_rawin which truncated expid

  longer than 20 characters; OMS scan no longer missing in build;

  CQC BUFR sorting no longer misses some sondes after 0Z; mods for

  reading AMSUB files tag: iret_rel_2_12

- Removed supeobs from PSAS; now duplication elimination is done by

  the observer. Files changed:

  obs:  m_obs.f90  m_duplicate.f  (new file)  Makefile

  ana:  m_ana.f90

  psas: sort.f m_Regioner.f90 regsort.f typsort.f tag: Todling_dup_01

- First version of shared/etc/fvgetf tag: YOON_FVGETF_05

- Merged Ricardo's superob removal with Dirceu's jm odd fix;

  fvanalysis/ana/m_ana.f90 updated tag: Todling_Herdies_01

- Updated ana/obs/m_tovs.f90: now anchoring is performed even for

  passive data tag: meta_anchor_01

- Updated fvccm/fvpsas/fv2prs.f90: fixed minor bug when declaring variable

  names for der2dVars tag: yin_07 tag



21Nov2001, da Silva, CVS tag: cgdas-1_3beta3 (tagged)


- Updated Makefile.conf.SUPER-UX

- Fixed jm odd restriction in fvanalysis/ana/m_ana.f90 tag: dirceu-jmeven-01



02Nov2001, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta2 (tagged)


- fixed bug in ana/m_ana.f90: now it works if we select all analysis levels tag: cgdas-1_2beta1

- Updated fvsetup/fvpsas: small mod for running model only (no analysis

  build necessary) tag: dasilva-fvchem-01

- fvsetup: rougher topography: surf_r1.data_288x181.usgs GEOS-5 DAS revision history

- psas: introduced Greg Gaspari non-separable correlation model,

  including new *.rc.sample files with broader vertical correlation near

  the surface tag: fv1_2r5-nscorr-d3

- psas: rc files updated to reflect additional KX values. The additions

  include GADS winds, dummy entries for DAOTOVS, and the latest EUMETSAT

  & MODIS experimental cloud track winds tag: meta-kx_update-01



17Oct2001, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_3beta1 (tagged)


- Added module loading to fvdas_build.j

- By default FVCQC is turned on in fvdas.j Silva

- Updated directory paqc/bfrlib with latest NCEP version. This revision

  is more portable, and is supposed to work on the following

  platforms: AIX 4.x, HP-UX 9.x and 10.x, IRIX 6.x,  SunOS 5.x, UNICOS 9,

  and RedHat Linux 5.2 tag: meta-bufrlib-01

- Update file paqc/w3lib/iw3unpbf.f: the changes mainly involve the

  new satellite wind types we started receiving over the last couple

  of years tag: meta-bufrlib-02

- Update file fvanalysis/obs/m_thin2: fixes memory leak problems,

  added options: "use_history_flag", "kt_to_thin" tag: meta_fixtbl_10

- Update to shared/gfio: modified getvarT() to accept an optional second

  file ID for the situation of interpolating between times in different

  files; modified ParseTimeUnits() to better parse time:units string tag: yin-gfio-01

- Update directory fvccm/fvpsas: update fv2prs related files tag: yin-06

- Added file shared/hermes/dyn2dyn.f90 to convert dyn files from 64

  to 32 bits tag: rob-dyn2dyn-01

- Added perl modules to shared/etc tag: perlmod-rob-01



5Aug2001, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2r5 (tagged, stable)


- updated model to allow having 2D and 3D diagnostics in different

  files, with different frequencies. The following files have

  been modified: fvccm3.F drvs/setup.F fvpsas/fvpsas fvpsas/fvsetup

  misc/diaginit.F misc/diagout.F misc/grads_ctl.F (these files

  are on a separate branch: nebuda-splitdiag_01)

- updated src/fvanalysis/psas/*.sample: updated kx table for

  KX=268 (Cld Trk Wind - European visible)

- update fv2prs to tag yin_05: minor bug fixes



23July2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2r4 (tagged, stable)


- updated to iret 2_10: fixes SSU colocation problem during pre-processing

- updated fv2prs to yin_03; a new resource file (dyn2prs.rc) has been

  introduced to handle dyn files (originally Bayou had fv2prs.rc

  with 2 different tags)

- fvpsas: fixes "setenv $FVHOME" bug, aborts if $FVHOME/run/morgue exists

- fvarchive: skip archives if ".no_archiving" file exists in directory

- updated shared/mpeu/m_inpak90.F90 to tag m-rel-r3p1

- revised obs.rc (Meta's ELW mods)



16July2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2r3 (tagged, stable)


- updated to iret 2_9: prevents hard crash in daotovs_grid

  when missing instrument, fixed reference to unallocated array

  in daotovs_driver;  moved sonde file name to daotovs_fv.rc and

  dao_tovs_geos.rc, changed satellites for 07/01/1998

- Removed /bin/time from "fvpsas" script

- fvarchive: no longer dies if data directories are not there;

  follow symlinks of directories (option -f, set by default in


- fvsetup: updated file names of sonde files



21June2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2r2 (tagged, stable)


- updated daotovs to iret_rel_2_8: fixes daotovs_cat.x bug,

  daotovs script now returns 101 when no obs are found, and

  102 when no obs are expected.

- fvana: will not die if daotovs returns rc=102 or rc=102

  when not running in strict mode

- obs.rc: Meta's updates for treating CTW more like GEOS



19June2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2r1 (tagged, unstable)


- Same as fvdas-1_2beta20, but default builds model at c55



19June2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta20 (tagged, stable)


- Updated to fvccm 1_2_0_4: except for fvccm3.F (no diaper yet)

- Updated to iret 2_6: improved rad qc, fixed get_tovs bug, introduced

  dynamic mem allocation in postproc, fixed dateline strip problem (2_1);

  added Grody AMSU checks, fixed emissivity check, added window channel

  check with FOV check, added extra AMSU channel in cloudy cases,

  dynamic memory allocation in radiosonde collocation, fix for RUC,

  extraction of Ts and collocated data for covariance tuning;

  several Makefile adjustments: introduced macros DASUTILS (defined

  from Makefile) and DASPERL.

- Update to iret 2_7: fixes nobs=0 problem

- Fixed bug in m_FileResolv.f90

- Introduced the possibility of many days per PBS job

- Fixed indexing bug in m_ana.f90: level(km) -> level(km+1),

  m_thin2 and Taft PSAS.

- Makefile: default resolution is now back to b55

- m_dyn: fixed lat() dimension bug in dyn_put()



11May2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta19a (tagged, not stable)


- minor script extensions in support of pre-ops system

- fv2prs: user interface written

- fvsetup: allows multiple day segments (default now is 8)

- acquire: extended to work with local file system

- grads2grib: bug fixes and clean up

- pesto: reduced some output

- fvcqc: minor bug found by Meta



04May2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta19 (tagged, not stable)


- By default, model builds 1x1.25 (c55)

- implemented CQC: new subdirectory paqc/ and scripts adjustment in

  support of CQC

- modified ana.f to remove RAOBS from master ODS file when using CQC

- introduced Reducer() in m_obs

- updated iTOVS to tag iret_rel_1_44, then modifed daotovs script for

  generating sondes files after fvCQC, and turned O-F on in daotovs_base.rc

- updated ODS to tag ODS_2_16_p1: RUC compatible, fixes bug when reading

  ODS files created by CQC

- added Module loading to scripts (fvdas.j and fvfcst.j)

- Added "-strict" option to fvpsas, fvana and ana.x

- upgraded to tag fvccm-1_2_0_3: changed argument list of fvpsas() in

  fvccm3.F for saving stack space.



13Mar2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta18 (tagged, stable)


- Updated Taft/PSAS: common.blk, conjgr.f, conjgr2.f - this should now work

  on 8 & 16 CPUs

- Taft PSAS: reduced memory from 6GB to 2.5GB by setting moxcpu=32 in

  common.blk (originally moxcpu=128).

- Updated to ret 1_41: fixed GLA TOVS bug related to p>1050

- iret: changed scripts/daotovs_base.rc - now "use_new_h2o"

  is set to "no" by default

- Updated to fvccm 1_2_0_2, then made small digital filter bug fix,

  retagging as 1_2_0_2p1

- fvana: fixed prec=0 bug; now default is prec=0

- acquire: bug fixes mostly affecting GEOS (Tommy)

- fvsetup: now by default nsplit=0 in ccmrun.namelist

- fvsetup: separate diag.tbl for run/ and fcst/; by default no

  forecast of 3D diagnostics unless user edits fcst/diag.tbl.

- Revised default location of ERS-2 files in ana.acq



06Mar2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta17 (tagged)


- Updated DAOTOVS: new emissivity dataset from Man-Li; revised RAOB

  shadowing: now Chinese sondes are not used for shadowing,

  fixed GLA moisture interface  (iret 1_38)

- Using PSAS library optimized by Jim Taft (psas-taft-01)

- Small mods to standard PSAS lib for Taft plug compatibility

- Revised moisture stats (Dee)

- Improved thinner: adds shadowing, quasi equal area, extends rc file syntax

- FileResolv.f90 now uses scp instead of rcp (mpeu)

- fvanalysis/atess no longer builds by default



14Feb2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta16 (tagged)


- Upgraded model to fvccm-1_2_0_1: add new 10m & 2m diagnostics,

  small mods in pressure gradient computation, etc

- Fixed land-ice contamination of sfc ocean observations (insitu_ocean)

- Eliminated TPW simulation when land/ice is involved (m_simul)

- Added OpenMP directive to psas_qc.f (Dan Kokron)

- Started implementing Digital Filter during forecasting.

- Updated moisture statistics (Dee)

- Modifications for additional thinning features; added optional

  configuration tables allowing the specification of

  multiple layer thinning and selective synoptic time thinning (Meta)

- Upgraded to iret_rel_1_29: brought back interp of MIT radiative


- added umask check in fvsetup with other minor bug fixes.



06Feb2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta15 (tagged)


- Used topography to eliminate TPW analysis increments over land (Dee)

- Implemented confidence level for underground height extrapolation

- Excluded thinned out and red-listed data from output ODS file.

- Updated fvanalysis/psas/m_Cxpy.F90 and m_EAGrid.F90 to rdas_3 (Todling);

  impacts only  ainc.x and P_a calculations.

- Removed creation of acq files from fvsetup.

- Upgraded to iret_1_28: overhaul of sonde shadowing, removed interp

  of MIT radiative transfer, revised comments in idl/, level 1b

  pre-processing updated to handle BUFR files.



26Jan2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta14 (tagged)


- Implemented "Serial Analysis Update" option; changes in ana.f, fvsetup,

  fvana and daotovs script and resource files

- Removed "-mode 644" from pesto call in fvfcst.j; also ignored

  rc=101 from fvpsas in fvfcst.j (bug fixes in fvsetup)

- Added logic in fvarchive to skip forecast stage directory

- USGS topography is now the default

- Updates for using DAOTOVS moisture up to 100 hPa (Dee)

- Changed obs/m_tovs.f90 for anchoring all data regardless of qc flag (Dee)

- Added constant sigF (K=0.6) as default in psas.rc

- TPW is now on by default (mod in obs.rc)

- Added ACARS errors on psas.rc (from Leonid)

- Turned on ACARS, changed all thinning to  im=204, jm=128

- Revised psas.rc: changed obs error class for KX=32 from AIR_AIRP

  to ASDRAIDS per Meta's suggestion.

- Made fvCCM resolution set from top Makefile.

- Introduced fvsavecf to same configuration files in $FVHOME/run

  and $FVHOME/fcst; changed fvsetup to run fvsavecf during experiment




??Jan2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta13 (never tagged)


- this tag was not used to avoid bad luck.



12Jan2001, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta12 (tagged)


- Included support for CPTEC global spectral model

- Fixed QC bug (undef lnp and moisture stat table index)

- Fixed initialization bug in hermes/m_dyn and cptec_global/m_dyn (copy option)

- Added GPS support in m_tovs()

- Added tools/ and gritas/ to fv system tree; however gritas is not

  made by default

- Revised ana.f, m_ana.f90 and sana.f to lower water mark, with

  minor comestic mods

- Revised several Makefiles to /bin/rm library before archiving

- USGS topograry is out by default; iTOVS moisture is in by default

- Added luflush() to m_fvpsas() to avoid stdio buffers overruns

- Several small mods for Linux/OSF1/NEC SX-4 compilation



21Dec2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta11 (tagged)


- fixed bug in m_dyn.f90: dyn_dup_() was leaving Ts and other fields out.

- several small mods for Linux/PGI compilation; of this release

  shared/ and fvanalysis/ build on Linux/PGI; LINUX/FFC Makefile.conf

  are still kept but are no longer the default on Linux

- several small mods of OSF1 compilation; of this release

  shared/ and fvanalysis/ build on OS1.

- beginning of infrastructure to support multiple models; added

  stubs for shared/cptec_eta and shared/cptec_global.



15Dec2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta10 (tagged)


- small mod in m_ana.f90 to handle cases when TPW < 0

- first tried ODS_2_15 then backed off

- this verion is not stable.



15Dec2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta9 (tagged)


- DAOTOVS tag iret_rel_26

- small mod in m_ana so it does not die() when capped TPW is all negative.



14Dec2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta9 (tagged)


- Added code to m_ana to ensure that moisture analysis is always

  non-negative (Dee)

- Added code to m_ana2dyn to ensure that roundoff does not create

  negative moisture analysis

- Fixed thinning of SSM/I wind and TPW in obs.rc (both at 1.8x1.4 deg)

- Splitted AIREP and ACARS thinning since ACARS is still passive.

- Introduced USGS topography (fvsetup)

- Increased max number of boxes for red/yellow/passive tests in

  m_obs.f90, from 32 to 128 boxes.

- Merged psas.rc from fvdas-1_2beta4 with TPW mod; the one in beta8 came

  from Dick and it was older (no q TOVS stats, no new CG parameters).



07Dec2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta8 (tagged)


- SSM/I TPW implemented (Dick Dee)

- Modified sana for compatibility with TPW enabled analyzer

- Further development of DAOTOVS: raob shadowing bug fix, self-anchoring

- Improved GFIO: it can now properly read files written by lats4d

- Hermes: geos2fv.x now supports GEOS-2 70 level prog files (after being

  converted to HDF with lats4d). The default is still GEOS with 48 levels;

  one needs to recompile to work with 70 level input.



01Nov2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta4 (tagged)


- further DAOTOVS tuning

- iret is not yet stable

- eliminated tovs anchoring for p_ref underground



16Oct2000, dasilva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta3 (never tagged)


- further DAOTOVS tuning: increased humidity background errors

  (tag iret_rel_1_9)

- Removed water vapor winds from thinning list in obs.rc since

  these winds are marked passive later on. Thanks to Meta.



09Oct200, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta2 (never tagged)


- Revised Conjugate Gradient settings in psas.rc to eliminate

  "premature exits" in PSAS (see Gaspari et al, 2000)

- Tuning of DAOTOVS internal covariances



04Oct2000, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_2beta1


- Imported fvccm3 v1.2.0 (CVS Tag on bj: release-1-2-0); see file

  fvccm/CHANGES for details on this fvccm3 release

- Implemented new moisture variable

- Included SSM/I wind speed capability


- Included automatic foreasting capability.

- Implemented new acquire with look ahead capability


- Added -pick option to ana.x

- Atess builds, but it is yet to be integrated

- Data selection fixes: included 20hPa RAOB data (which was left out

  by mistake); included data with p>1000 (change in psas.rc/DataBoxes:)

- Observer and friends: no longer modifies non-zero qc flags.



30Jun2000, da Silva, CVS tag: fvdas-1_1r1


First public release to DAO IT; this is the system submitted for the

first fvPSAS validation. The system is reproducible with different

number of processors on the same machine, but does yet provide an

automatic forecasting capability, nor include the postprocessing


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