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GrADS on dali/discover

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Created on: Jun 18, 2009 3:25 PM by Jules Kouatchou - Last Modified:  Nov 24, 2009 11:51 AM by Jules Kouatchou

There are several versions of the Grid Analysis and Display System ( GrADS ) visualization software available on discover/dali. Some of them were built directly from the source code taken from COLA (builds available in /usr/local/other/ ) and others were installed based on OpenGrADS. We recommend the use of OpenGrADS  because it tends to be more "stable" and offers a wide range of new functions. The GrADS related executables are available at:




You may need to add the following setting:


               setenv GADDIR $SHARE/dasilva/opengrads/dat


To have information on how to use opengrads, type


$SHARE/dasilva/opengrads/Contents/opengrads -h


For documentation on OpenGrADS, we refer to the following links:


OpenGrADS Wiki

OpenGrADS Manual Page

OpenGrADS Cookbook

OpenGrADS MERRA Recipes

OpenGrADS Bundle

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