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GFS Benchmark How To

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Created on: Sep 23, 2009 5:26 PM by Rahman Syed - Last Modified:  May 6, 2010 10:22 AM by Rahman Syed



Download software


1.)  Download NOAA's GFS benchmark (ccs.rfi.gfs.tar.gz (1631 MB)) from

Untar this archive into a location of your choosing; this document will refer to this location as <GFS_BENCHMARK_DIR>


2.)  Download Jeff Whitaker's Linux port of GFS from the SVN repository located here: with the following command:

 svn checkout ncepgfs-read-only  

This document will refer to this location as <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>


3.)  Download ESMF v2.2.2 from NCAR: Framework_Reg.html


Build ESMF


1.)  Set your module environment.  Known working setup:

module purge; module load comp/intel-10.1.021 lib/mkl- mpi/impi-3.2.011


2.)  Untar esmf_2_2_2_src.tar.gz into <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>/lib


3.)  Edit <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>/ by changing ESMF_COMM to "intelmpi"


4.)  Unset the environment variable "MPI_HOME" (unsetenv MPI_HOME)




6.)  Note the final location of include and lib directories inside lib/esmf (may look like <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>/lib/esmf/mod/modO/ and <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>/lib/esmf/lib/libO/


Build GFS


1.)  Edit <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>/ by changing the following lines:


export FCS=ifort
export FCP=mpiifort
export CC=icc
export ESMFINC=../lib/esmf/mod/modO/
export ESMFLIB="-lstdc++ -limf -lm -lcxa -lunwind -lrt -ldl -threads -L../lib/esmf/lib/libO/ -lesmf -lnetcdf_stubs -L/usr/local/intel/mpi/3.2.011/lib64 -lmpi -lmpiif"


Make sure to use the location of relevant ESMF directories noted in step 6 under "Build ESMF".






1.)  Link <GFS_LINUX_PORT_DIR>/bin/global_fcst to <GFS_BENCHMARK_DIR>/sorc/gfs/f.applic.x


2.)  Edit <GFS_BENCHMARK_DIR>/sorc/scripts/x.190.port.hours

#PBS -l walltime=1:00:00
#PBS -l select=4:ncpus=8
#PBS -W group_list=<YOUR_GROUP>

source /usr/share/modules/init/ksh
module purge
module load comp/intel-10.1.021 lib/mkl- mpi/impi-3.2.011

Also remember to set "BASE" to the <GFS_BENCHMARK_DIR> directory, and "run_dir" to a place where you'd like to have each run saved.


On line 117, change the content from "./fxxx  >out 2>time.$$" to "mpirun -np 16 ./fxxx  >out 2>time.$$" or with whatever parameters your MPI library requires to execute an MPI application.


NOTE: You can change the duration of the run by altering the variable FHMAX.  The default is 240 hours, but only a 24 hr run is required to validate GFS so set FHMAX to 24.


3.)  Submit the script to PBS with "qsub x.190.port.hours"


4.)  You can watch output with the command:

tail -f <GFS_RUN_DIR>/out


5.)  The "out" file may report ESMF errors at the beginning of the run, like " Error Happened When Running the ESMF_ConfigGetAttribute-IDATE1_IMPORT rc = 39" however this is not a problem.  The model may crash at the end during ESMF_Finalize, but this is a known issue.

Build and run Diff Tool


1.)  Build the diff tool with the command:

ifort -convert big_endian -o rms.190.x rms.diff.190.f


2.)  Edit rms.script.190 by changing file1 to the SIG.F24 located in <GFS_BENCHMARK_DIR>/results/  Change file2 to the SIG.F24 located in your <GFS_RUN_DIR>.


3.)  Execute rms.script.190


4.)  Examine the output found in rms.diff.190.out.  Ensure that it fits the criteria listed in <GFS_BENCHMARK_DIR>/verify/README

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