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NU-WRF Source Code and Data

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Created on: Mar 12, 2010 1:01 PM by Robert Burns, III - Last Modified:  Dec 13, 2019 10:27 AM by Carlos Cruz

NU-WRF Source Code and Data



NOTE:  The release of NU-WRF software is subject to NASA legal review and requires that users sign a Software Usage Agreement.  Please contact Toshi Matsui or Carlos Cruz for more information.


The NASA Unified Weather Research and Forecasting (NU-WRF) project owns a source repository along with a shared project folder.  These are used to store source codes, tests, software releases and datasets used for the project.


  1. Source Repository - NU-WRF source codes are stored on the NCCS progress server and includes various NU-WRF components, WRF packages, utilities, and test cases for the project
  2. Shared folder - large data folder located on NCCS discover system holds libraries, use case data sets, and official NU-WRF releases


Getting the Source Code


The easiest way to grab a recent version of the source tree is to obtain one of the tarballs from discover:



Or on pleiades:




This is the Version 9 Patch 3 ("Charney Patch 3") release of NU-WRF, which is based on WRF 3.9.1 and LIS 7.2.


NOTE: If you are on discover or pleiades and are member of the s0942 (NU-WRF) group you can also clone the Charney release as follows:


git clone /discover/nobackup/nuwrf/code/nu-wrf-charney


About the Shared Project Folder

The NU-WRF project owns a shared folder located on the discover system at:




It is organized into the following sub-folders:

  • releases -  contains official NU-WRF software releases
  • cases - contains various use cases data and regression tests developed under the project
  • members - contains scratch space for NU-WRF members to store datasets and run experiments from


Using the Gitlab Repository

If you would like to work directly with the source code repository or even contribute code, you will want access to the Git repository.  Access to the repository is strictly read-only for NU-WRF members, unless you request otherwise.  Refer to the "Access to the Repository" instructions below if  you do not have an account to the Gitlab server or do.


To checkout the latest code, run the following Subversion checkout command from your preferred installation location on discover:


git clone nu-wrf


The last parameter, "nu-wrf," indicates the local folder where the copy of the repository will be created.  You can name that whatever you like.  This checks out the top of the NU-WRF project, including all the WRF processing packages.


Access to the Repository

To check out the most recent NU-WRF software you will need access to the Gitlab server.  Please contact Carlos Cruz if you wish to wish to access the Gitlab server.

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