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New Version of PoDS (3.0.0)

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Created on: Nov 15, 2013 11:43 AM by Jules Kouatchou - Last Modified:  Mar 27, 2014 1:56 PM by Jules Kouatchou

We introduce a new version of the Portable Distributed Scripts (PoDS). We added command lines options to submit PoDS to run independent task. The options are:


--version                            show PoDS version number
-h                                        show the help message
-n numCodePerNode          set the number of core per nodes                      
-e myEnv                             environment variables to be passed
-x executionFile                  execution file


This version is available from:




To have access to help, type


/usr/local/other/PoDS/PoDS/ -h


To execute independent tasks (listed in the file myPoDSexecFile) on 8 cores/node:


/usr/local/other/PoDS/PoDS/ -x myPoDSexecFile -n 8


The best way to pass environment variables is to do to set them within individual tasks (that are scripts). However, PoDS allows the inclusion of environment variables at the command line:


/usr/local/other/PoDS/PoDS/ -e myEnv -x myPoDSexecFile -n 8


where myEnv is a list (in fact Python-like disctionary) of specific environment variables you want PoDS to use on each individual tasks.  Here is how myEnv should look like:


setenv param 1.75
setenv binDIR  /home/userName/code/bin
setenv workDIR /discover/nobackup/userName/testPoDS

set myEnv = "{'param': '$param', 'workDIR': '$workDIR', 'binDIR': '$binDIR'}"

/usr/local/other/PoDS/PoDS/ -e " $myEnv " -x myPoDSexecFile -n 8




This version of PoDS should work as well as the one available in /usr/local/other/pods.

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