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Apr 15, 2021 11:04 PM

Warning in model timestep

Hi all


I got a warning when runing the Noah MP 3.6 model.

Here is the warning message:

MSG: The GDAS forcing resolution is coarser than the running domain.
      Interpolating with the bilinear method.
 [INFO] Getting new time1 data
 [INFO] Reading GDAS file1 (I) /home/yhw/LIS/FORCING/GDAS/201906/
 [INFO] Reading GDAS file1 (A) /home/yhw/LIS/FORCING/GDAS/201906/
 [INFO] Reading GDAS file1 (A)/home/yhw/LIS/FORCING/GDAS/201906/
 [WARN] Model timestep is 6hr and output interval is greater than
 [WARN]   or equal to 6hr. This setup can cause issues in the reader
 [WARN]   where the output is not the true 6hr average and/or the 
 [WARN]   data being written is shifted by one timestep.
 [WARN] It is suggested that the model timestep be changed to 1hr or less.
 [ERR] endrun is being called


My configure information is here:

# LIS Configuration file for pre-processing the GDAS meteorological forcing files

# Overall driver options
Running mode:                    "retrospective"
Number of nests:                 1
Number of surface model types:             1
Surface model types:                 LSM
Surface model output interval:             "1da"
Land surface model:                 "NoahMP.3.6"
Number of met forcing sources:             1
Blending method for forcings:             overlay
Met forcing sources:                 "GDAS"
Topographic correction method (met forcing):      "lapse-rate"    # lapse-rate, none (Try out both)
Enable spatial downscaling of precipitation:      0 
Spatial upscaling method (met forcing):         "average"
Spatial interpolation method (met forcing):       "bilinear" 
Temporal interpolation method (met forcing):      "linear" 
Map projection of the LIS domain:         "latlon" 

#Runtime options
Forcing variables list file:               ./forcing_variables.txt
Output forcing:                            1   #1-yes
Output parameters:                         1   #0- no
Output methodology:                        "2d gridspace"
Output model restart files:                0
Output data format:                        "netcdf"
Output naming style:                       "3 level hierarchy"
Start mode:                                restart
Starting year:                             2019
Starting month:                            06
Starting day:                              03
Starting hour:                             0
Starting minute:                           0
Starting second:                           0
Ending year:                               2019
Ending month:                              06
Ending day:                                15
Ending hour:                               0
Ending minute:                             0
Ending second:                             0
Undefined value:                          -9999
Output directory:                         'OUTPUT'   
Diagnostic output file:                   'lislog_5km_historic'
Number of ensembles per tile:              1

#The following options are used for subgrid tiling based on vegetation
Maximum number of surface type tiles per grid:     1
Minimum cutoff percentage (surface type tiles):    0.10 
Maximum number of soil texture tiles per grid:     1
Minimum cutoff percentage (soil texture tiles):    0.10
Maximum number of soil fraction tiles per grid:    1
Minimum cutoff percentage (soil fraction tiles):   0.10
Maximum number of elevation bands per grid:        1
Minimum cutoff percentage (elevation bands):       0.10
Maximum number of slope bands per grid:            1
Minimum cutoff percentage (slope bands):           0.10
Maximum number of aspect bands per grid:           1
Minimum cutoff percentage (aspect bands):          0.10

#Processor Layout    
#Should match the total number of processors used

Number of processors along x:    3
Number of processors along y:    3
Halo size along x: 0
Halo size along y: 0 

#------------------------ ROUTING -------------------------------------

Routing model:   "none"    # HYMAP router, NLDAS router, none
HYMAP run in ensemble mode: 0
HYMAP routing model time step: 12hr
HYMAP routing model output interval: 12hr
HYMAP routing method: kinematic
HYMAP routing model linear reservoir flag: 1
HYMAP routing model evaporation option: 0
HYMAP routing model start mode: coldstart
HYMAP routing model restart interval: 1da
HYMAP routing model restart file: none
HYMAP routing LIS output directory: 'OUTPUT_5km_Historic'

#------------------------RADIATIVE TRANSFER MODELS--------------------------

Radiative transfer model:   "none"

#------------------------APPLICATION MODELS---------------------------------

Number of application models: 0

#Data Assimilation Options

Number of data assimilation instances:               0
Data assimilation algorithm:                         "Direct insertion"
Data assimilation set:                               "SNODEP" 
Number of state variables:                           2
Data assimilation exclude analysis increments:       1
Data assimilation output interval for diagnostics:   "1da"  
Data assimilation number of observation types:       1 
Data assimilation output ensemble members:           0
Data assimilation output processed observations:     0
Data assimilation output innovations:                0

Bias estimation algorithm:                "none"
Bias estimation attributes file:          "none"
Bias estimation restart output frequency:
Bias estimation start mode:
Bias estimation restart file:

#Perturbation options
Perturbations start mode:                 "coldstart"
Perturbations restart output interval:    "1mo"
Perturbations restart filename:           ./LIS_DAPERT_200902282330.d01.bin

Forcing perturbation algorithm:           "none" 
Forcing perturbation frequency:           "1hr"
Forcing attributes file:                  ./forcing_attribs.txt
Forcing perturbation attributes file:     ./forcing_pert_attribs.txt

State perturbation algorithm:             "none"
State perturbation frequency:             "3hr"
State attributes file:                 ./lis_configs/noah_snow_attribs.txt
State perturbation attributes file:       ./config/noah_snow_pertattribs.txt

Observation perturbation algorithm:       "none"
Observation perturbation frequency:       "12hr"
Observation attributes file:           ./lis_configs/SNODEPobs_attribs.txt
Observation perturbation attributes file: ./config/SNODEP_pertattribs.txt

#------------------------DOMAIN SPECIFICATION--------------------------
#Definition of Running Domain
#Specify the domain extremes in latitude and longitude

Run domain lower left lat:                   7.50
Run domain lower left lon:                   34.50
Run domain upper right lat:                  12.75
Run domain upper right lon:                  40.00
Run domain resolution (dx):                  0.25
Run domain resolution (dy):                  0.25

#The following options list the choice of parameter maps to be 

Landmask data source:            "LDT"
Landcover data source:           "LDT"
Soil texture data source:        "LDT"
Soil fraction data source:       "none"
Soil color data source:          "none"
Elevation data source:           "LDT"
Slope data source:               "none"
Aspect data source:              "none"
Curvature data source:           "none"
LAI data source:                 "none"
SAI data source:                 "none"
Albedo data source:              "LDT"
Max snow albedo data source:     "LDT"
Greenness data source:           "LDT"  
Roughness data source:           "none"  
Porosity data source:            "none"
Ksat data source:                "none"
B parameter data source:         "none"
Quartz data source:              "none"
Emissivity data source:          "none"

#Bottom soil temperature options
TBOT lag skin temperature update option:  0
TBOT skin temperature lag days:           0

LIS domain and parameter data file: ./

GDAS forcing directory: /home/yhw/LIS/FORCING/GDAS

#-----------------------LAND SURFACE MODELS--------------------------
Noah-MP.3.6 model timestep: 12hr
Noah-MP.3.6 restart output interval: 1mo
Noah-MP.3.6 number of soil layers: 4
Noah-MP.3.6 number of snow layers: 3
#Noah-MP.3.6 landuse parameter table: ./LANDUSE.TBL
Noah-MP.3.6 landuse parameter table: ./VEGPARM.TBL
Noah-MP.3.6 soil parameter table: ./SOILPARM_SENS.TBL
Noah-MP.3.6 MP parameter table: ./MPTABLE.TBL
Noah-MP.3.6 general parameter table: ./GENPARM_SENS.TBL
Noah-MP.3.6 vegetation model option: 4
Noah-MP.3.6 canopy stomatal resistance option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 soil moisture factor for stomatal resistance option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 runoff and groundwater option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 surface layer drag coefficient option: 2
Noah-MP.3.6 frozen soil permeability option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 radiation transfer option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 snow surface albedo option: 2
Noah-MP.3.6 rainfall and snowfall option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 lower boundary of soil temperature option: 2
Noah-MP.3.6 snow and soil temperature time scheme: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 supercooled liquid water option: 1
Noah-MP.3.6 soil layer thickness: 0.1 0.3 0.6 1.0
Noah-MP.3.6 soil color index: 4
Noah-MP.3.6 CZIL option (iz0tlnd): 0
Noah-MP.3.6 zlvl: 6.0
Noah-MP.3.6 zlvl_wind: 6.0
Noah-MP.3.6 restart file:
Noah-MP.3.6 restart file format: "netcdf"
Noah-MP.3.6 initial value of snow albedo at the last timestep: 0.1899999976  
Noah-MP.3.6 initial value of snow mass at the last timestep: 0.0
Noah-MP.3.6 initial soil temperatures: 266.09950 274.0445000 276.8954000 279.915200
Noah-MP.3.6 initial liquid soil moistures: 0.2981597 0.2940254 0.2713114 0.3070948
Noah-MP.3.6 initial total soil moistures:  0.2981597 0.2940254 0.2713114 0.3070948
Noah-MP.3.6 initial canopy air temperature: 263.94998
Noah-MP.3.6 initial canopy air vapor pressure: 261.68518
Noah-MP.3.6 initial wetted or snowed fraction of canopy: 0.0
Noah-MP.3.6 initial intercepted liquid water: 0.0003935303
Noah-MP.3.6 initial intercepted ice mass: 0.000000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial vegetation temperature: 263.6908874512
Noah-MP.3.6 initial ground temperature: 263.6908874512
Noah-MP.3.6 initial snowfall on the ground: 0.0
Noah-MP.3.6 initial snow height: 0.0010600531
Noah-MP.3.6 initial snow water equivalent: 0.0002095700
Noah-MP.3.6 initial depth to water table: 2.500000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial water storage in aquifer: 4900.0000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial water in aquifer and saturated soil: 4900.0000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial lake water storage: 0.00000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial leaf mass: 9.0000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial mass of fine roots: 500.0000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial stem mass: 3.3299999237
Noah-MP.3.6 initial mass of wood including woody roots: 500.00000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial stable carbon in deep soil: 1000.000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial short-lived carbon in shallow soil: 1000.00000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial LAI: 0.5000000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial SAI: 0.100000015
Noah-MP.3.6 initial momentum drag coefficient: 0.0000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial sensible heat exchange coefficient: 0.0000
Noah-MP.3.6 initial snow aging term: 0.00
Noah-MP.3.6 initial soil water content between bottom of the soil and water table: 0.0
Noah-MP.3.6 initial recharge to or from the water table when deep: 0.0
Noah-MP.3.6 initial recharge to or from the water table when shallow: 0.0
Noah-MP.3.6 initial reference height of temperature and humidity: 6.0

#---------------------------MODEL OUTPUT CONFIGURATION-----------------------
#Specify the list of ALMA variables that need to be featured in the 
#LSM model output

Model output attributes file: './MODEL_OUTPUT_LIST_NOAH_MP_spinup.TBL'      


It is confusing that my model timestep is 12hr, so I wonder where this "6hr" comes from? And how to fix this problem.




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